The Hate/Rage Dem’s Doctrine of Demons

The hate/rage Democratic doctrine of demon’s is raging and by their own words together they are are more powerful. The minds of our children are being infected with this demonic doctrine on a daily basis. Children who are so impressionable, are being manipulated and indoctrinated by those who only want power, and control at any cost. The bigots, racists, and godless people are on the left, and they are using every tool in their handbook.
There is so much information and in your face warnings I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with last night while watching the Story with Martha Mccallum, Georgia’s Representative Hank Johnson during the Congressional Hearing last week on Police Brutality, demoralized and dehumanized not only our Police but our Veterans and active military reservists. He said ” alot of our police are vets, and reservists that are trained to kill, occupy and destroy.”

I couldn’t speak for several minutes as I said I couldn’t have heard that right. I agree if and it’s a big if, so called dirty cops are found they should be dealt with. However, to demoralize an entire group of those who fought for our Country as occupiers and destroyers is totally unacceptable and un-American. This is the new face of the Democratic agenda. I’ve wrote before many times they are the party of death and destruction and they have earned that title.
The comment was made by a guest that the dems want the Presidency so bad they will do anything to get it. Let that sink in. They have proven that over and over again. We can’t even call it hate anymore, because it goes beyond hate. They want power so badly they don’t care how they get it or how many they destroy.
Then there is the hundreds of thousands of children who were taken out to the streets yesterday by leftist democrat liberals to shout and protest in support of Climate change. As Tucker Carlson pointed out the website of the organizers of this mess listed things totally unrelated to climate change like the economy and state control of everything, and I do mean everything. And the child they adopted as the world voice on this is Greta Thunberg. Promoting the scientists that have actually been called out for mis-information she claims that she talked (shamed) her parents into giving up flying and not eating meat, adopting the Vegan diet. Using children and whipping a frenzy is not new. Shaming is not new either only now the liberal left is using shaming in vile ways.

These children are shaming adults in their lives and those in power by saying that they deserve a better world, and it’s adult’s inaction that takes that chance from them. Even Bill Maher say’s shaming works. Shaming is bullying period and not something you want to teach our children, but teach them they are.

Remember Hitler’s Brown Shirts? Hitler would be so proud. AOC’s green new deal is socialism 101. Don’t forget that.
AOC says they have to return to the FDR philosophy. Whaat?

Her climate change policy wasn’t named by her, it was borrowed from FDR’s New Deal. But the New Deal is another post. FDR did alot of good, but he also created an interventionist Government, ie, more control over the Banks, and farmers, raising taxes on the wealthy and threatened to pack the courts with Liberal Justice’s to curb the conservatives. Sound familiar? However his work programs worked unlike the Dems today who don’t want to create sustainable employment but want to raise wages to unsustainable levels. Thus creating low employment or like the policies of Obama when his policies created the over employment, meaning that businesses cut hours and hired only part time to avoid the high priced health care mandates thus causing people to work two or even three jobs to make up the difference which totally destroyed the middle class. So enter the new face of the party of destruction and death with their Green New Deals. And talk of free everything. Free college, free health care, blah, blah, blah, nothing in this world is free. And God still controls the weather. If the earth is burning up, it’s in God’s book. And nothing man can do, except repent of course, will change His word.
Remember they also mock those who pray, those who spread the Gospel and prosecute those who hold to their Faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
They have packed our Colleges with Liberal professor who are indeed indoctrinating our youth with idea’s and dreams of socialism as the perfect utopia, and to be exclusionist to the Gospel of Christ. Teaching that all God’s are acceptable and even encouraged, in some instances teaching there is no God, that man is God, a humanistic and new age approach that has totally clouded young minds and destroyed belief and faith in Christ. Even HItler outlined a demand for Freedom of religion for all religious denominations so long as they didn’t endanger or oppose the Government and Germanic race. Hitler demanded free education, Hitler demanded a division of profits of all heavy industries, He demanded the Nationalization of all associated industries. Getting the picture? Re-distribution of wealth, expansion of Medicare to include all, religion is ok as long as it doesn’t disagree with the government. All of these values are shared by the liberal progressive socialists running for President today. They are the values that our founding Fathers escaped from, and fought for freedom from, but our youth are being taught doctrines of demons. Socialism, communism and even islamism is not what we were founded on. In fact these are the values that were fought hard against so that we might actually have freedom. Think about it.
Why should this be so important to us as Christians?
Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Well if the party of death and destruction have their way, we will all mourn. They have attempted to recreate scenarios of poverty, racial upheaval and civil unrest that FDR faced and they will go down not as those who saved America, but those who destroyed America. Remember our danger is not from climate change, or our greatest National Security threat, or from foreign interference, it lies within. And remember FDR was also against the war in Europe until Pearl Harbor. It’s the same today, they started the destabilization of the Middle East and by Hillary’s own words created AlQueda, and the super highway of terror so the UN could sweep in and declare a new one world order. And by the way that was FDR’s dream too, a world governing body in control of all countries. Many are warning, many are speaking out, we must be vigilant, and true to our Faith. The time for us is now, to witness and warn, and pray for Mercy and repentance.

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