Since When did it Become Un-American to be Patriotic?

By Greg Holt

America is for Americans – either love it – or leave it.

(True Conservative Pundit)  The recent actions of the congressional group, “The Squad,” along with many other Democrats leads one to ask this question: what does it mean to be an American?

“’I took an oath to uphold the constitution. I’m as American as everyone else,’ Omar declared in April.”

The prominent Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar tells us she is an American, but is she really?  Well I would say this to Omar: if being an American is defined by being an anti-Semite, accepting support from America’s enemies and taking their side (CAIR and Iran), fighting against what is good for America, such as protecting our border, demanding funding be cut for the Department of Homeland Security etc., then yes Omar, you are an American.

Omar and the rest of “The Squad” have demanded that funding be cut for DHS, especially because of their views on illegal immigrants – which do not line up with what is good for America, or even common sense.

“They claimed DHS has ‘promulgated an agenda driven by hate — not strategy.’


‘Cut, do not increase funding,’ they wrote, urging lawmakers to follow “critical” guidelines to protect immigrant families. ‘The deal reached by the Conference Committee should not allocate any additional funding to this department or to the ICE and CBP agencies. The upcoming FY 2020 budget process will be a critical opportunity to take up conversations about reforms to the agency. In the meantime, not another dollar.’” (Source)

So, protecting our country from gangs like MS-13 (who are known to be ruthless and vicious killers), making a good faith effort to lessen the flow of drugs, not allowing dangerous criminals and murderers free and open access to America, not to mention the horrific diseases many migrants carry – this is “an agenda driven by hate.”  From where I am standing, this is only common sense and the only logical course of action.

Many Democrats professed that illegals needed to be deported, stopped from entering the U.S., that border security was important for the U.S. to implement and strengthen – before these same Democrats did a complete 180 and said that Trump’s actions in attempting to protect and defend our country from these people – who honestly don’t give a damn about America to begin with, was and is wrong, hateful, and immoral etc.  But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below:

Tied in with the Democrats need to eliminate ICE, leave the Southern border open with no more wall building, and allowing all immigrants into the U.S. – without proper vetting, health checks, and other little details like following the law (that they themselves supported in the not so distant past – see above video), is the Democratic love for sanctuary cities and even states.  The Democrats also support letting all the illegals in the U.S. stay here, isn’t that nice of them?  Key word: illegal…

Here is what the Democrats will not speak of: many of these illegals are here sucking up resources that could and should be going to American citizens – like health care, food stamps, and schooling.  Many illegals are drug dealers; murderers, gang members, rapists, and many carry dangerous diseases.  This is in no way racist, rather it is common sense that a country’s resources should be allocated to the particular country’s own people – not those who break the law and are here illegally.

President Trump at one point suggested that the illegals should all be shipped off to the Dems precious sanctuary cities since they love them so much.  Sounds reasonable to this writer, how about you?  Nancy Pelosi who is an ardent supporter of the illegals and sanctuary cities did a very quick about face after trump offered to send them to her city:

Lets go back to my original question at the beginning of this article:
what does it mean to be an American?

If you are an American, I have to ask: is it not normal to love your country and feel patriotic about it?  Is it not normal to defend your own country?  Furthermore, is it not normal to protect one’s country from those seeking to harm it, and/or seeking to use it for their own gain at the expense of said country’s own citizens?

One word: YES.

Trump wants immigration to be based on merit; Democrats instantly responded that this was hateful.  Funny, but the Democrats beloved Mexico (whom has a history of allowing and even helping illegals cross into America) has a merit based immigration policy – if you cannot prove that you can contribute in a structured and positive way to the well-being and the advancement of Mexico, take a hike Jack.  Huh…

American colleges are turning out legions of future Democrats whose ideals are most definitely not American. These young impressionable minds are being taught in fact to hate America.  What else would you call it when you are taught that:

  • All people have to be allowed to come into the U.S.
  • The U.S. is bad, because we are successful
  • Prisons should be closed down
  • Police officers are all racist haters
  • Christians are racist haters and bigots and are deserving of death
  • All viewpoints must be in line with Leftist progressive thinking
  • Sanctuary cities must be allowed and protected even at the expense of the American people
  • Capitalism is wrong and evil
  • Socialism is right and good for all
  • Islam is good, Christianity is bad
  • All manner of perversion is ok, because everybody has rights
  • Everything should be free because we deserve it
  • Censorship of everyone not in agreement with Leftist ideology is ok and is warranted

What about those that turn what should be a moment of respect for ones country and its symbol, (the flag, the National Anthem – and by extension our military) into a moment of protest?  This is completely unacceptable.

What about the recent blowup over Nike’s new shoes that would have featured the flag Betsy Ross designed – that is until America hating Colin Kaepernick informed Nike that these new shoes were “offensive”, and Nike promptly pulled them from the market on Kaepernick’s say so.

Just.  Like.  That.

Who is this washed up NFL wannabe to tell Nike or anyone else what is “offensive.”  Can’t Americans decide that for themselves?

This is the real danger here you see – you have the Democrats, who almost universally are Leftist progressives headed up by the likes of the brainless America-hating “The Squad,” dictating policy and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for Americans to see, hear, purchase, or have.

Social media is run by these Leftist socialists, and unless you have been living under a rock – it should be very apparent to you that they have no qualms about determining what is acceptable for us to view on social media.  These leftist ideologues have wrongly given themselves the power that belongs only to the American people.  The power to choose belongs solely in the hands of the American people, not a select few.  Do you see the enormous danger here?  This is how a totalitarian society is formed, soon it will no longer be a Republic, we will be a socialist nation, which will in turn evolve into a communist nation.

The majority of people reading this will likely scoff and say that this can never happen.  It was not supposed to happen in Germany either.  I have news for We the People – this is all happening right now even as you read this article.  Look at the suppression on social media, especially Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.  No one is putting a stop to that as of yet.  Look at the suppression and outright lies of the majority of our media – and it gets worse every day.  If you look into what the schools (more like indoctrination centers) are teaching, you will be horrified, and no I’m not kidding.

I encourage you to read my newly released book that looks at all of this more in depth: Spiritual Darkness is Destroying America and the Church.

Kneeling during the National Anthem is unpatriotic, and so is saying that a shoe displaying a flag from our heritage is “offensive.”

Supporting policies that are self-destructive to the people of this great nation, well that is also unpatriotic.  If you are a patriot, you are not for one minute going to support policies, laws etc., that are destructive and harmful to our own nation.  Neither are you going to disrespect our military and the many veterans that have served and even given their own lives to ensure we have the freedoms that we do.

To all of America’s veterans, I salute you, thank you so much for your service, God bless each and every one of you.

America has got to raise a ruckus and get these America hating socialists, and One World government lovers out of office.

America is for Americans – either love it – or leave it.

I love the video below, Toby Keith gets it, take a few minutes and watch this.  (Language warning at the end)

Republished with permission Conservative Daily News


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  1. I can only add Amen. Time to take a stand and stand firm. Your book is excellent.

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  2. They may just might get away with it, but it will be over my dead body.


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