The Case Against Interfaith Worship

This is one of those things that fall under a logical fallacy. More specific the “bandwagon fallacy.” Just because a majority believes it doesn’t make it true. Interfaith relations have many definitions depending on who’s doing the defining. Your eyes will cross looking for a simple definition. There are thousands of do’s and don’ts but each with its own definition.

Some say it brings all religions even humanism together, declaring new doctrines. Even the UN has recognized this. Interfaith worship services are increasing in the West.

Some say it diminishes the Deity of Christ and the Revelation of the Triune God. I agree.

Politically correct interfaith language has lumped Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism into a catagory titled”Abrahamic faiths”

Stating all worship the same god, with numerous similarities. But in reality it doesn’t work.

The quartet has demonized Israel, saying they are taking rights from “Palestinians “ and giving praise and permission for the deadly riots perpetrated by those from Gaza, even encouraging them. (More)

I think that their hateful rhetoric against Israel has even sparked new persecution.

So are the Palestinian’s also justified in using their children as shields or teaching them how to hate and kill Jews?

In reality Israel is the only country in the Middle East not committing human rights abuses. That’s not a false broad statement. Jordan has always had world respect. Even introducing an interfaith movement to the UN claiming to accept all religions. I have even respected the King of Jordan. However this latest report from Jordan is very disturbing. Even Jordan who has claimed to be about freedom for Christians and Jews has exploded into antisemitism and Christaphobia. Clearly violating human rights and the rhetoric of the new age interfaith worship community. Jordan oversees the Temple Mount and is not news that Christians and Jews have been persecuted for simply appearing to pray there. But this latest outburst of religious persecution at Aaron’s tomb, of the Jews is simply outrageous. Yet Israel is the villain. Recently Jews visiting Aaron’s Tomb in Jordan were harassed and barred for praying.

(Times Of Israel)Israeli tourists have been coming to Jordan since the 1990s…In terms of them coming as tourists, we will not prevent them. But we can prevent these religious practices and we will do just that… in the future [we] will stress that no religious practices be carried out except for Islamic ones, as the tomb is an Islamic mosque.”

It’s no secret that once a Mosque is built or victory is declared over land,the land belongs to Islam as it’s a country all its own.

I have questions for the interfaith church movement, if we worship the same God why are Muslims so adamant and afraid to allow Jews and Christians to pray?

Would a Mosque allow a Christian Baptism in the name of the Father The Son And The Holy Spirit? Or a Jewish reading of the Torah? They do not worship the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The different faiths of the world certainly have a right to worship as they want. They don’t have the right to force one man made religion onto the entire world. They are blending all Holy Sites together as one but put a religion that is not tolerant of any other faiths in charge.

Time to wake up. The quartet and socialist/islamists Dems will have us all worshipping a god declared by the world, not Almighty God. It’s not a race to form one world religion it’s a race to repentance. Many have fallen asleep weary and blinded by new age enlightenment, tired of waiting for Gods promise that Christ will return, but now it’s time to wake up. Or He will come like thief in the night and find His Church worshipping a foreign god.

Revelation 1:8

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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