The Dems New Faces Of Hidden Danger

Many conservative Christians and others are waking up to the dangerous doctrine spewing from the “four horsewomen of the apocalypse “ and it’s not really hyperbole because if these women have their way America will be destroyed and emerge unrecognizable. Their push for socialism and open borders will bring America to its knees. Have you thought about the cost of open borders? Checkpoints everywhere, and if you think it’s hard to board a plane today if they have their way imagine…Our identification documents today would be replaced and the lines at the DMV would be miles long. It would break our entire system and economy. But that’s what they want.

I read an article this morning that points out the danger hidden but not invisible in Rashida Tlaib. Her ties to terroristic organizations and beliefs prove her loyalties and they’re not to America. In one speech she said in Arabic that for years they’ve said the Muslims are coming and now they’re here. What? She sounds like Louis Farrakhan. Meant to divide not to unite except to unite in the takeover of America. If this were not true her speech would have went something like this: I’m very proud to have gained an opportunity in this land of freedom to show the world how to live in peace with every race, and belief. To fight for peace and unity…….

Then there’s Omar and Cortez who evidenced by their speech says that those who call them out or disagree are racist fools. Proving conservatives right about them. If it’s not true:

Omar would say: I’m so happy to have been given freedom in the greatest country on earth. One that respects the rights of all. And Ms. Omar the head scarf you wear is a symbol of oppression for women in Iran why won’t you fight for them?

Cortez and Pressley would say: we join with our sisters here and across the world to unite in one voice against human rights abuses to show that America is the land Of opportunity. To condemn acts of violence as seen in the Middle East and even here against young girls. To improve the lives of all women and children living under oppression across the globe. We will fight to improve conditions for citizens and those seeking asylum in our great land.

So you see you don’t speak for women everywhere, your shame lies within you not Trump or his supporters but within yourselves. You hang on the coat tails of great women here and across the globe but you wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to them. You bring dishonor to the truly great women of America like Rosa Parks. And women of the world like Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher.

You bring shame to God and His commandments. You bring shame not fame! Unless you bring your fame for hate, division and abuse of power into the history books. And into the book of life written by Almighty God. Your shame lies in your forked tongues and rush to promote evil, and the ills of socialism.

The Dems have a defacto new face pretty to look at but will squeeze the life out of everything it touches much like the wild morning glory or kudzu. Think about it. Even satan can disguise himself as an angel of light.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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