The Left Controlling The Media-Who Is The Hypocrite? Who Is The Racist?

Let’s look at the facts that the Main Stream Democrat news media wont explore. Trumps recent tweets about progressives in Congress and suggestion that they fix things in their respective countries of origin or countries they align with, have been the only thing they care about. But what about the facts? They scream loudest about children mistreated at our border but look at the facts about true abuse in the countries they protect. Like Islamic lands like Somalia,Palestine and socialist countries like Venezuela. Hmmm never thought about it? I think about it every time they open their mouths to defame our government. Or Israel. And the following practices are on the rise here in the US! And in the states the progressive trio are from.

  • FGM young girls( Somalia leads in this and it has tripled in the US since the 1990’s concentrated in California, NY and Minnesota)And a Federal Judge dismissed charges against 2 MICHIGAN doctors performing this. (More)
  • Child brides/forced marriage
  • Honor killing young girls(More)
  • And this is the list from stats made public. Can you imagine the intelligence privy only to the President? And you wonder why he speaks out and challenges them?
  • I challenge them to speak up and stop these barbaric practices. Foreign and domestic.
  • One article from the UK says “America is going backwards.” A prophetic utterance if I ever heard one.
  • I have another challenge for the twisters of news Do Your Job! Investigate and report facts!
  • At least one Evangelist is sounding the warning about what America faces if progressive liberals have their way. I challenge all Pastors to take this stand.
  • Pastor John Hagee said recently on Fox News, about our country’s push toward secularism:
  • “It will produce nothing but heartache and chaos because the real principles of society — the real principles of this nation — are still in the Word of God,”

    It’s time to take a stand. Call out the lies and behaviors of the left and liberal progressives. It’s time to turn back to Almighty God. And the Godly principles we were founded on. Call out the lies and failures of news media. The failures to investigate and expose truth and darkness. The above mentioned practices are no longer only in Islamic countries, they are here, due to the all inclusive ideology of the left, and it’s time to wake up. The haters will hate and call Christian Conservatives names. But remember before they hated us they hated Christ.

    So AOC, Omar and Tlaib what say you about these egregious human rights abuses. And yes Palestine has its own human rights abuses. Like teaching children to hate and kill, or imprisoning and torturing all who criticizes them. It’s true and a present danger. So again what say you? In typical liberal fashion all are labeled with names of hate who disagree with them, but I will speak out, will you?

    The question who is the racist, the hypocrite? The left is, evidenced by their label of “white nationalist” to all who disagree or point out their fallacies. They scream about children but ignore the true abuse committed by people they align with.

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