Epistemophobic Dems

Dems or demons as I have begun to call them, (It’s an umbrella term that includes not only the hatred of American values but those who blaspheme Christ and Jews) are “Epistemophobic. “

(Quora): “Epistemophobia or gnosiophobia is defined as the morbid and irrational fear of knowledge or the fear of wisdom. People with this phobia could fear knowledge or wisdom in general, or only certain types.”

Late last month archaeologists in Israel unveiled an ancient staircase that led to the pool of Shiloh a pool where Jews would cleanse themselves before entering the Temple. A staircase where Jesus walked. They also unearthed coins of little monetary value but carried a powerful statement. Engraved on the coins were the phrase “For the freedom of Zion”.

This powerful biblical reveal proves (as if we need proof) that the Temple site Muslims claim as theirs and theirs alone and claims there was never a Jewish temple on this site a great deception to man and an abomination to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The great I Am. Yet that doesn’t stop them it emboldens them to deceive and blaspheme not only Almighty God but His Son Jesus Christ. But we are called islamaphobes or blasphemers for pointing out the truth. Yes they are sooo afraid the truth will bring wisdom they cower in the darkness under the wings of satan himself. Not knowing that the truth would set them free. God says “my people perish for a lack of wisdom. “(Hosea 4:6)

After this discovery Linda Sarsour (who Omar,Tlaib and Cortez back) again hit twitter with their forked tongues. With their out and out lies about Christ. Call them out.

Even Yair Netanyahu called them out asking if they were that stupid, quickly pointing out the sign above Christ on the cross. (More)

The demons are screaming as if Holy water was rained down upon them.

Then after the Salute to America on the celebration of our Independence the demons(Dems) unleashed their evil forked tongues of the demons they are. Even devouring their own. You see even demons and satan recognize Christ for who He is, and they know their time is short. After the celebration that honored not only Gods blessings on the home of the brave, but honored Christ himself they have reached an all time low and battle lines have been drawn. Drawn by them, that is. But “I have seen the vineyards where the grapes of wrath are stored. “ Prophecy tells us how this saga of deception by the great deceiver ends. And to quote Franklin Graham, “I have read the end of the book and it’s going to be ok. “

I am not advocating hatred or violence but I am trying to awaken Gods people to truth. In fact we should pity them for they will end up in an eternity without God. (Revelation 21:8)

Take a stroll through their “twitter world” as Pelosi recently called it and you will see. The spirit of antichrist is alive and well in them as evidenced not only by hate but by their attempts to change all laws and customs and times. These are just a few of their screaming fits of demonic rage.

The language grows more foul by the tweet. Imagine if Republicans had said that to Obama.

Of course there are those defending Christ like the next one.

The fact remains that claiming Christ was Palestinian only furthers their lies and attempt to legitimize a fake history.



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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