Thank You Betsy Ross For Giving Us Our First Flag

As we celebrate our independence and the Blessings God gave America there are those who wish to destroy us. The progressive left is slowly shredding our history, our Blessings from God, our flag, our pledge of allegiance, and our National Anthem. Time to tell them and those who support them like Nike enough. We’ve had enough. We will no longer support this attack on our Country.

Where are the feminists outrage at an attack on a prestigious woman from our Country’s history?

Betsy Ross and her contribution of being chosen to make our first flag for our independence fight was attacked unmercifully by those who disgrace our National Flag And Anthem. Colin Kaepernick slammed Nike for shoes depicting Betsy Ross’s artistic work on our flag. He said it was racist. And Nike bowed to him as if he was god.

In her day, “Betsy Ross was promoted as a patriotic role model for young girls and a symbol of women’s contributions to American history.” (Wiki)

So again I ask where are the feminists who claim mysogony at every turn?

God Bless America! Let us never forget the men and women who sacrificed everything for our freedom and wonderful Country!

#stand for the flag

#kneel for the cross

Pray for our military who selfishly sacrifice for freedom.

Celebrate our Independence with humility and thanksgiving to God.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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