AOC Again Distorts Truth To Gain Political Power

AOC once again distorts truth. They can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, or can they? Are they hoping that Americans can’t tell the difference between truth and propaganda, or what it means to have open borders?

I think both.

I’ve watched the fits and rage about AOC and her entourage screaming about the border facility they visited. They feigned disgust at women being denied water and drinking from toilets. Who wouldn’t be disturbed by that? However facts prove them distorters of truth. What they can’t find they make up. As far as I can tell Daily Mail was the first to break the facts. These facilities have standard toilet/potable water sinks that are in jails and prisons across the country. Others are reporting this and the facts about the fits of rage she directed at the staff. Oh she cried and said they were treated with great disrespect as they were told to check phones and cameras at the gate because this was a secure facility. Remember now some if not most say they are fleeing violence and threat of death from gangs. One person with them shared a video they took illegally. Complete with signatures of the women they filmed. Yes they made them write their names on what looked like an envelope, then zoomed in on it and their faces. All for a political prop, they put these women in great danger from the gangs they are fleeing. They call it a SECURE FACILITY for a reason to protect identities and people.

If your going to state they are drinking water from a toilet you might not want to film the bottled water they have.

These are screenshots from a video AOC shared on twitter. She cares more about pushing her political agenda than protecting these women from exposure to the gangs they are fleeing. Shameful.

Again facts prove just how dangerous these screaming memies are. And remember AOC cares very little about these women as evidenced by her NO vote on the 4.6 billion dollar aide package. Pelosi approved this vote but according to a progressive news site, AOC and Omar said “Hell no it is an abdication of power….” Stating also that they (meaning republicans) would keep hurting children.

As far as her allegations of staff at the border facility laughing at her goes, I would have laughed at her too. The Bible is clear “Do not bear false witness”. She and the others know nothing of that. After all the lies they have told these are by far the worst to date. Using people as a prop to further their cause of political gain, and interfere with security is abhorrent to say the least.

The most important rebuke of their so called hysteria propaganda came from a group of Hispanic Pastors who have long advocated for immigrants. They toured the same facility as AOC and the minions and paint a very different picture, even calling her out. So am I going to believe a proven liar or a man of God? That decision is a no brainer. Man of God over forces of darkness period.

Even El Salvador’s President spoke up and said “his own government had to fix the issues that were forcing people to flee the Central American country in record numbers.“(New York Post) And claimed responsibility for the recent deaths of immigrants who drowned crossing the Rio Grande. But the left dismissed that because we can’t have truth interfering with propaganda.

Discernment is a gift from God and the Holy Spirit. A gift not to be hidden or taken lightly. It is a tool to fend off the dark spirits of deception and doctrines of demons. Ask God to give you this gift and fine tune it now as the great deception is here.

Wake up as many as you can.


Raging AOC claims border agents make detainees drink from TOILETS…..

Hispanic pastors tour border facility lambasted by AOC and say they are ‘shocked by misinformation’

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