Do Americans Even Know What We Believe In?

I have so much on my mind and heart as we gear up to celebrate our Independence. It’s hard to know where to start. I realize the millennial generation does not know the history of our great country. The fact is that God in His infinite power and knowledge looked on the world and knew what America would become. His hand has been on our country since the very beginning. He laid visions on many. Visions of freedom and prosperity were given to our founders. As well as courage and strength.

I watched a program on the History channel called “Ancient Aliens” and regardless of their self described knowledge their supposed experts, in my opinion proved Gods providence on America. They of course said alien beings were here during all of our wars including the civil war. They described aliens watching and even guiding our country during this war. They described a vision of a fiery cross in the sky as evidence of aliens. And even described a Union generals vision of an ethereal figure that resembled George Washington guiding him as an alien. Well, it’s clear that Christ and an army of angels were with our Country during this horrific time. Yet they still won’t believe. It’s just as it says in Revelation.

If it were not for brave, God fearing and believing men America would not exist.

Americans are indeed war weary. We are living in a time where war and rumors of war is wearing down the saints(to quote the Bible). I read an article today that was very disheartening. I don’t enjoy watching our military being deployed at the gates of hell. But this article touting the typical left opinion that lies were being propagated about the rumors of war with Iran. Destroying or attempting to destroy the facts that Iran and its current regime are evil terrorists. Attempting to downplay the suffering of the Iranians at the hands of this regime. Volumes could be written here about the suffering and persecution innocent people are suffering there. Then there’s the threat not only against the region but the entire world. If you don’t understand the prophecy of the current terroristic regime you should. I’ve written many times about what they believe. But to keep this short they believe they will start the Great War spoken of in the Bible that brings about destruction and their savior the Mahdi, who will be accompanied by their version of Jesus who will unite Christians to fall before Allah and if they refuse they will be killed by their Jesus. They will rule the world. This is truth. Look up the belief of the “twelvers”.

“The term Twelver refers to its adherents’ belief in twelve divinely ordained leaders, known as the Twelve Imams, and their belief that the last Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, lives in occultation and will reappear as the promised Mahdi. According to Shia tradition, the Mahdi’s tenure will coincide with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Isa), who is to assist the Mahdi against the Masih ad-Dajjal (literally, the “false Messiah” or Antichrist).(Wikipedia)

This is what the leaders of Iran believe is their duty.

Our last President paid a massive amount of cash to bribe this regime and we all know how that worked out.

A war of deception has already begun here. The lies upon lies have produced an era of great deception here. A war between truth and darkness is being waged in our Capitol. For those who are at the core of propaganda, those who know that the truth would expose their darkness have resorted to shaming those who speak the truth. As evidenced by the name calling such as racist, homophobe, or islamaphobe, white nationalist, and mysoginist.

I can’t warn about the dangers of Islam, socialism or communism enough. There has been a blending of beliefs like we have never seen in modern history. A rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. Men determined to rise above God By creating a tower in which all worship under one name and trust me it’s not almighty God.

There’s been a flurry of talk and reports about Ilhan Omar and her marriages. Determined to find out whether she married her brother. Which she could provide evidence with DNA results but she refuses to even discuss it. But one question that no one is asking is why did she use sharia law in America? She says she was married in their faith not using the laws of this country but the laws of Islam. Again blurring the lines and truth that even an officer of our land who swore to defend our laws blatantly violated them. Again showing where her loyalties lie. Yet she remains in office.

This blending of the isms will bring our country to its knee and risks Gods judgement instead of His blessings. Wake up America.

One of the 2020 democrat candidates spoke at a rally in Florida recently and quoted Che Guevara. The expats from Cuba quickly shouted him down as they witnessed the slaughter by Cuba led by Guevara. He eventually apologized. But my point is this, why can’t ordinary Americans see what they do? We have been blinded by the illusion of free stuff and paradise on earth by the left. Here’s one example from the UK that really started me thinking. The left touts socialized medicine from the UK and others offering free medical care. Did you know in the UK that everyone needs a license to watch TV? We pay for cable here but in the UK they also pay the government for the privilege of watching TV already paid for. Look it up. They’re fighting for seniors to be license free now. And that’s not even getting into the long lines and wait periods for free healthcare, or the government deciding who lives and dies. And you want socialism or a form of it here??

Wake up as many as you can. And when they call us names or demand we stop teaching the truth and good news and bow to government, or a false god, remember this

Acts 5:29

Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings!

As I watched Antifa protest violently recently their chants of “NO USA” sent chills down my spine and this group still isn’t labeled as domestic terrorists.



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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