Who Are The Obstructionist’s And What Are They Planning?

I have heard many terms some not so nice when describing the Democrats and our current government. Deep state is one of the top adjectives used. While it fits as evidenced by those in power in front and behind the scenes, there is another term that’s clearer and that is obstructionism. Something that in the 2016 elections the Dems were not only concerned about but completely obsessed with accusing Trump that should he lose to HRC he would obstruct the legislative process. America is known for its peaceful passage of the torch to new parties. And that almost happened. Then the protests began. And it morphed into a complete obstruction of justice.

Obstructionism: the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.

And that’s not hyperbole. The Dems are the ones and some Rhinos as they’re not so lovingly called,are the party of obstructing justice and should be not only investigated but charged with obstruction of our government. Peppered with only a shade of hyperbole it’s they who have obstructed Trump at every turn to the point of rendering our country helpless and weak. And that is just what America appears as, to our enemies and the rest of the world.

While thousands if not hundreds of thousands are fleeing socialist/communist and Islamic countries to come to seek asylum in America, Bernie Sanders,AOC, Tlaib, Omar, and the rest of the pathetic Dems are claiming America will be socialist with a pinch of communism and Islamism all together. Sounds like something out of a sci fi movie but it’s the sick reality of what they have done, or are planning to do to America.

So if your wondering what to call our new and enlightened Congress look no further than obstructionist progressivism. Our future is dim not bright. We’re sinking further into the quicksand by the minute. One Evangelical group with ties to the Faith and Freedom Coalition is raising 50 million dollars in a get out the vote campaign to help Trump. I raise my hat to them. It’s time for Christians to quit bowing to the government and become involved. It’s time to speak out as we did in the past. It’s time to get involved.

Islamic countries like Pakistan are at the UN now demanding that their 6 point plan to counter islamaphobia be implemented internationally. Now you say that is not your concern but it is. Pakistan is one of the top persecutors of Christian And has a death penalty for blasphemy. A policy they want to force on the world. Here is their 6 point plan according to Pakistan News Media Dawn:

Legislation by countries to address racism and faith-based hatred Monitoring social media platforms to prevent hate speech and negative stereotyping

A “focused strategy” to counter Islamophobia Increased investment in research to identify root causes of religious hatred

Increased engagement of women and youth

Increase investment in education

Pakistan has recently started a campaign demanding Facebook help them to name blasphemers, and has asked WordPress to remove blogs that they consider blasphemous, and they’re demanding the UN implement and impose a form of sharia law on the world. And keep in mind Pakistan is one of the top persecutors of Christians and other religious minorities.

With Omar and Tlaib in Congress we could all be in danger of losing our religious freedoms and freedom of speech. They side with these countries who sponsor or border on terrorism. That’s not hyperbole. The three stooges are dead set on socialism with a pinch of communism and Islamism that would make a deadly soup, that if taken by Americans would completely and fundamentally change our constitution. Think about it.

Credit to dictionary google,Dawn.com, wikimedia commons

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