AOC Learns A New Word And Campaigns For Legalized Prostitution

Carceral State means prison state. Caban is a candidate running for DA in New York.

Cortez has been very vocal about decriminalization Of pot and other drugs, now this. Now she shames again the people of New York and America by calling us a prison state.

The Latino candidate,Caban,that AOC backs, promises to decriminalize prostitution and other crimes, claiming to clean up justice. It has been said recently that America is at the top of a list for human trafficking. And it has been reported that sex rings run rampant in the US. A report from the New York Post about the candidate for DA highlights that if she wins and succeeds sex trafficking will reign supreme and it will put the DA’s office at odds with the New York Police Department.

This candidate a previous Public Defender, Caban is an avowed Socialist. If elected she would decriminalize penalties for pimps and Johns (customers) also. She states that prostitutes can’t support themselves any other way.

One women’s rights activist against trafficking states that: (NYP) “Inevitably the market is going to swell” if Cabán’s plan goes through, according to Laura Ramírez, a program coordinator for the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. “Queens is going to be the borough for sex tourism in the city,” she said. “That’s the only thing that can happen. It’s just open season.”

Is there still a doubt about what the Dems led by the three stooges have planned? Is there any doubt that demonic forces are truly at work in our God Blessed Country? Is there any doubt that God is judging us? Speak out now. Wake up as many as you can.

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