Perhaps Ilhan Omar Should Research Iran Before She Defends Them

Ilhan Omar and her 2 cohorts continue to tout the praises of terroristic regimes like Iran. In Omar’s latest twitter rant she demeaned President Trump And our country attempting to shame us for even considering retaliation on Iran for the latest attack on our interests and allies.

They deliberately shot down one of our Navy drones in international waters and claimed complete responsibility. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed a victory. The Iranian National Guard is a terrorist regime led by the Ayatollah. And have been designated a terrorist organization by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and wait for it..the United States. So why is Omar taking their side? Same reason they take the side of other terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Hamas and yes even the Muslim Brotherhood backed CAIR.

“Since its origin as an ideologically driven militia, the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has taken a greater role in nearly every aspect of Iranian society. Its expanded social, political, military and economic role under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration—especially during the 2009 presidential election and post-election suppression of protest—has led many Western analysts to argue that its political power has surpassed even that of the Shia Clerical System.”(Wikipedia)

Now in her latest twitter rant Omar screams children will die. I have to ask her if she is truly as ignorant as she sounds or does she think that we don’t know what Iran has done and is still doing.

It has been documented and reported, albeit denied that during war with Iraq the regime used thousands of children in the front lines and to trek across mine fields. Some wore a key around their neck as a symbol that their sacrifice would be their key to heaven. Then there’s the world watch reports about the increasing numbers of child executions still today in Iran. (More)

And we all remember the protests by the innocent in Iran begging for freedom and for the West to help. We all remember the tears we shed as we watched hundreds of protesters killed and arrested while Obama sat silent.

There are hundreds of political prisoners in prisons through Iran today. The human rights abuses in this system is well known and well documented. It’s impossible to name them all. But look up Arash Sadeghi and his wife Gohlrak then look up the wife of a British man Nazanin Zaghari. Your heart will break.

So Ilhan Omar, Tlaib Rashid And AOC what is your pathetic reasoning for backing these atrocities. News flash: there is no justification for this period and you three need to be removed from office and your clear conflict of interests investigated because from my view, your bordering on treason. And as a citizen of the United States I would like to know where your loyalties really lie. And from what I can tell even some of the people of Minnesota are beginning to question your motives and loyalties. (Here & here) The New York Times article I saw today did a scathing and twisted article and called some constituents islamaphobes for questions about her loyalties. (More) Keep speaking out. #wakeupAmerica


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