The Left Has Come Unhinged

The left has come unhinged with screaming and shaking fists crying “we won’t stand for it!”

Why? Because of 2 states that passed anti-abortion bills. Alabama and Georgia And also Missouri has recently passed bills to prevent the lefts free for all abortions. Abortion is not health care. But the left says it is. And they say abortion is a constitutional right. Even outspoken evangelical Pat Robertson appears to have shifted left.

Franklin Graham has planted his feet and is making his stand in support. How many will stand with him?

And if you think Christianity isn’t under attack think again. This is what the left says.

It’s this one above that made me pay attention. Christian Theocracy? Creepy theological order led by a mad king? She knows not what she speaks. She most likely was referring to Trump, she’s obviously not a Christian because theologically speaking Jesus is our King, she just called Jesus a mad King. She just insulted millions of Christians and blasphemed our King.

Now the last one is just as ignorant as the rest.

Then there’s this comment I received today rambling on and on about senseless Christians and Trump. All are liars according to this commenter. I didn’t approve it but it’s worth sharing here so you can see what those who speak out face. If you think I care about comments like this think again. I usually delete them but I may make a blog post out of them. This was on my post about Google sharing fake news as trending news. It’s as if they are mad because we know it’s fake.

Here it is: “What is most disturbing is the fact that Trump, his administration, and right-wing media are lying to the American people. Fox “news” is propaganda, which backs up every lie (until recently) Trump has uttered, which is daily. He is the most dishonest and corrupt president we have had in this modern age. The fake news from right-wing conspiracy theorists and the gross comparisons of Trump with Biblical prophets and claims that Trump is doing God’s work is a direct affront to God and insults the intelligence of people of real faith who are full of love and live by Jesus Sermon on the Mount and not by carefully selected passages from Leviticus. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy and cutting services for the poor is not Christian. Blaming poor people for debt when a Republican congress and Trump created tax cuts for the rich and big businesses and a budget that threw the nation trillions more in debt with such an enormous increase to the military. And, after those unfair and ill-conceived acts, Trump then demanded billions for his “wall” which has undergone changes, which he denies has changed, but his big, beautiful concrete wall is exactly the steel, slatted barrier that was installed for over 450 miles under Pres. Obama’s administration and continued with replacing the fence and repairing barriers into the Tump administration, which Trump tried to take credit for as his “wall” being built. Enough with the lies. The Lord HATES and abhors lying lips, bearing false witness and stirring up conflict in the community. The 9th Commandment is about lying/bearing false witness. The Bible also tells us that lying is an abomination in His sight.

There’s your Bible comparison for Trump and his administration. How many lied to Congress under oath?

There are also clips of Trump saying he had a really good relationship with Putin, on more than one occasion. Then, during the campaign they asked him about Putin and Trump said, “I don’t even know who Putin is.” There is proof that Russia interfered in our elections, violating our National Security as it has done with our European allies. Trump has chosen to believe Putin over ours and our allies’ intel communities. Trump is a pathological liar, a malignant narcissist who is a dangerously ignorant, a corrupt businessman and an even more corrupt president. Stop the insanity in pretending he is anything more than a TV personality and a businessman that lied about his income, went nearly a decade that we know of without paying taxes – you paid taxes, but the super rich don’t? And, those prosperity gospel preachers who ask for your first paycheck of 2019 and promise blessings from Jesus but make checks payable to Paula White-Cain, are con artists who are there for their own fame and financial enrichment. Look out, people around Trump that helps with his dirty work end up taking the fall. Also terrible as that your Republican senators are not doing their job by protecting congressional oversight and thereby not protecting the Constitution and not honoring their Oath of Office. All this nonsense from Trump is NOT of God. God is not the author of confusion and Trump runs things in chaos.”*End quote*

Remember we are in a spiritual battle. Speak out, speak up and take a stand.

What if the church screamed as loud as the liberal left?

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