Tlaib Attempts To Re-write History

Republicans, conservatives, Christians and even liberals like John King Of CNN, are calling out Tashida Tlaib for her most recent propaganda filled rant on the Holocaust, and formation of Israel.

Using the same twisting and outright lies about the Holocaust and the return of Jews to their homeland as Hamas,Hezbollah,

ISIS and Iran,she announced that it was the Palestinians that gave the Jews a safe haven after the holocaust.

Let that sink in a minute. Completely rewriting history she announced that it gave her a warm feeling that her people provided safety. This is not a new view. But it’s the first time a sitting member of Congress spread the propaganda of those wishing to destroy Israel. Critics are calling her a revisionist. It’s not about twisting of her words “calming feeling”as she says. It’s about her complete and utter lies about Israel’s formation. The world didn’t invent the name Israel. As it did Palestine. They didn’t open their arms,in fact just the opposite,they were met with an Arab uprising and immediate war. They were attacked by Egypt, Syria and Transjordan. Arabs (now called Palestinians) fled with instructions that the Jews and Israel would be obliterated then they could return. Well it didn’t work. Israel retained land,Egypt did take the Gaza strip and Transjordan took the West Bank and guess what? Neither allowed the Arabs to return and a Palestinian state was not formed. They were refugees. The lack of leadership and hunger for war played a big part. They were also under the impression that Hitler promised the Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem if they aided in the slaughter of Jews they would be given land. That’s it in a nutshell. The 1967 war saw Israel taking control of Jerusalem in which they gave the Temple Mount control to Jordan.

Those like Tlaib and Omar, backed by CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood push this propaganda as truth. They don’t represent America, neither do they exhibit loyalty to our Country but are set to use their voice to support the destruction of Israel and American values.

I’m embarrassed for America and the only apology that should be issued is the apology to Israel, Madam Speaker. And the apology to the American people. Michigan and Minnesota should be ashamed.

Time to speak up, time to push back against the propaganda and outright lies spread by those who hat America and what we stand for.

Please watch, this is the best,true, short explanation I have found.

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