What Lies Ahead For America As Democrats Go Low

The democrats,liberals and progressives are living in a world of filth, hate and putrefaction. Liberalism and progressivism is threatening our foundation.

Corey Booker said recently that “abortion is healthcare”. But AOC tried to out do him. With Georgia’s new heartbeat bill, they have come out yet again. Cortez pointed out that a heartbeat is detected at only 6 weeks,that’s only a missed period for women by 2 weeks and she lamented that irregular menstrual cycles make it impossible to detect pregnancy that early.

Planned Parenthood backed by Obama labeled abortion as women’s healthcare years ago. He also said women have a right to free birth control. When Christians pushed back the media paraded a young college student in front of national TV to cry and moan about what a hardship it would to pay for her own birth control. After all they have so many expenses they can’t afford safe sex or birth control pills,and if that goes against your beliefs they don’t care.

Hundreds of thousands of babies are “sacrificed at the altar of satan” every year.

Sick,sick and perverted people are taking charge. There’s a State Representative who bullied an elderly woman in front of an abortion clinic, these are running our government. Pennsylvania Democrat Brian Sims shouted “bring it Bible Bullies”to peaceful pro-life protestors praying.

The satanic doesn’t end there. The media is downplaying the STEM school shooters motives but his Facebook page was rife with hate for Republicans and Christians. Even stating he hated Christians who hate gays. His shooting partner is transgender. But beware the Congress has made it illegal to talk about the Anti-Christian hate from the LGBT community and HR5 is set to become law. We already have the equal employment opportunity act but now if this passes Christians will be prosecuted for refusing services for religious beliefs and it will become illegal to designate locker rooms or bathrooms to one gender. Our religious freedom is under a great attack and most don’t know and/or don’t care.

Again the church is silent. That is a sin in itself. 2020 is fast approaching and we had better get in the game fast.

Charlie Daniels the conservative, musician/singer tweeted this prayer and we should all be praying this every day!

We have no one to blame but ourselves and the churches who are afraid of offending. Well, I would rather offend Man than God!



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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