By Remaining Silent We Enable The Left’s Eruption Of Hate

We can longer afford to stay in the background silent, while the left lulls us to sleep. By doing so we are enabling and empowering them.

Speech that foments hatred and discrimination flows from the left, disguised in flowery words that enable them to place responsibility to others in order to make them look like victims. This is not a new tactic.

As a blogger I have seen the hateful satanic views of antisemitism that I immediately delete from this site. And I have seen the sites dedicated to hatred of Jews and even so called Christians who believe this and even mock our Saviour. But when we have supposed leaders, and by that I mean those in Congress like Tlaib,Omar and Cortez exhibiting antisemitism and disdain for Christians, even encouraging it, America we have a problem.

AOC attacked Kelly Ann Conway for simply asking why Cortez tweeted nothing, no support for the Christians slaughtered in Sri Lanka. Cortez gave the excuse she was in Puerto Rico without tech. But apparently she managed to tweet about a Netflix movie about herself. She accused Conway of stoking suspicion about her religion. No, it’s not about her religion or lack there of it’s about her disdain for Christians and Jews.

The tweets she did finally post were all about politics pushing for gun control and accusing Trump of being solely responsible for destruction in Puerto Rico, instead of tackling the hate that fuels these attacks.

After all the Dems have said never let a good crises go to waste. They’re behavior is repulsive yet so many cheer them on.

Look at this from Omar , her heart is breaking yet she uses the slogan from protestors spreading hate about Trump.

Look what Tlaib tweeted. Talk about spreading hatred, she is in competition with AOC and Omar for the top hater.

The New York Times published a horrid cartoon depicting Jews as dogs leading a President Trump by a leash. And nothing only silence about the vile antisemitism pushed by them. They received pushback from conservatives and did offer an apology but the damage was done. The trio of hate remained silent about this. But came out with claws when the New York Post called out Omar for her statement about 911 even boycotting the paper. It’s this imbalance of hypocrisy that we call out. There is no islamaphobia or any fear only truth seeking and calling out how dark their manipulation tactics are. Do not be deceived.

Hatred has been unleashed and promoted by some in our government against our constitution,our religious freedoms, our President and the morals our country was built on. Fomenting hate gives dire consequences and feeds instability. Which is what they want. Don’t give in.

And yes, we have not only a right to call out discrimination,hatred, deception,and those who create division, but also the responsibility to call it out. The blame game ends squarely on the shoulders of enablers in this case. By not voting your principles, and remaining silent you are enabling the deception and takeover of those who want to take down America.

May God have Mercy On America.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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