Ilhan Omar Attack’s Dan Crenshaw

Ilhan Omar’s dangerous incitement should be in question by all parties, yet she deliberately throws poisonous darts at those who disagree. Remember she called for Muslims to raise hell recently too.

Ilhan Omar has accused Dan Crenshaw a newly elected Representative from Texas, Of dangerous incitement against her. She has said he incited death threats against her because he called her out for her her speech downgrading the worst attack by terrorists on American soil. She told an audience at CAIR (which is labeled a terrorist organization by the UAE for ties to Hamas and the MB) that “some people did something on 911” Totally disrespecting the 3,000 lives lost that day.

First she blamed Judge Janine for inciting death threats and now Dan Crenshaw and the whole of Fox News. Americans are questioning her loyalty to our Country and the sanity of Minnesotans who placed her in our government. She exhibits a vile hatred for those who disagree with her and those who hold American values dear are labeled as islamaphobic or white nationalists. It’s one thing to have freedom of speech but when you use that freedom to attack one of our Nations Veterans expect to be be shouted down.

Let’s look at Dan Crenshaw. He is a Navy Seal, and Lt. Commander in the US Navy. He received 2 Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with Valor. He served 3 tours of duty and lost his eye in Helmand province. I think he earned a right to question anyone’s motives or to condemn hatred for our country. Ilhan Omar has shown total disregard for Americans and our values. Minnesotans should be ashamed. Democrats should remover her from any and all committee’s and call for her to be censored. She should be investigated on all levels. Not only because she is a Muslim, although those beliefs clearly pose a conflict of interest with our constitution. There are issues like immigration fraud that need to be investigated thoroughly. Her love for those tied to Hamas and the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) should also be questioned.

Unlike John Kerry Dan Crenshaw served his country with Valor. That’s a quality Americans hold close to their hearts. Ilhan Omar evidenced by her behavior, incites hatred every time she opens her mouth. To hold dear the qualities of hate that her friends like Louis Farrakhan and CAIR and those who want the destruction of Israel hold is a clear conflict of interest. Her loyalties should be questioned.

Our Veterans are America’s most prized possession pray for him and our leaders. Pray for this darkness surrounding our government to be exposed. Pray for Americans to see the agenda of this party of death and destruction. God is watching. The world is watching. America is crumbling from within. Hatred has permeated the very air we breathe. Time to speak out. Time to shout down the real hate and racism. Racism here is invented by the malicious, odious New Democrat Party. Call out hatred wherever you find it. And no I’m not inciting violence Im calling out darkness. This is the new America they want, an America filled with hate, fear, and total dependence on the god of their choosing which is power to them. They bow at the altar of darkness and deception. Following the father of lies. Speak out while we still can, condemn hatred and violence wherever it is found.

Proverbs 10:18

Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips

and spreads slander is a fool.

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