Prophetic Visions In Recent Events

Several things have surfaced in the last few days that indicate we truly are living out Biblical prophecy. And if you look at the local level, I mean really look at the people around you, the signs are astounding. And everyone talks about it but denies the root cause. You see ordinary people with behavior that the Bible describes as sin and prophecy.

1. Greed

2. Gluttony

3. Entitlement

4. Manipulation

5. Lies and false witness

6. Blasphemy

These are straight from prophecy in 2 Timothy 3.

When you look at people in higher positions magnify these signs by 100. Our leaders are out right lying and manipulating the public and hundreds of thousands are rallying around them. Look at the coup attempt on our sitting President and how it’s still gaining steam. There are blasphemies declared and still voices of support follow them. Condemning those who pray in public in the name of Jesus, people in power who hold to a belief that Christ did not die or resurrect denies the very core of Christianity yet thousands engage this blasphemous teaching and encourage all to follow it. Greed is at the top rankings of officials when they scream to take riches from the top and give it to everyone because it’s unfair to be rich. Free college, free health that promotes abortion, free money you don’t work for. It goes on and on. The list for false witness grows daily. Just recently Maxine Waters said Trump has told 8,000 lies over 2 years. This is laughable but serious. Other wagging tongues follow her lead. She even lied and said there were 3,000 pages from the mueller report instead of 300.

And then there’s Cortez, head of the trio of darkness.

She continues to twist history and lies roll off her tongue like a waterfall. Her most recent says that Republicans amended the constitution to kick FDR out of office. Yes she did. Is she that stupid or does she hope her followers are that stupid?

Then there’s Omar. Stuck in the middle of the stooges. But her tongue is just as deadly. In an interview with Vogue she used her forked tongue to warn muslims that Trump was threatening,vilifying and demonizing their identity. What does she not understand about vetting to separate terrorists and prevent them from coming here? In the same article she praised her hijab saying it was a symbol of power and freedom. I don’t even know where to begin on that one. But if that statement were true she would be condemning Iran and other Islamic countries for beating and imprisoning women who don’t wear it.

Then there’s the last of the stooges, Tlaib still yet screaming for impeachment of Trump. Disrespectful not only to our President but all of America. Especially Christian America.

When they refuse the Bible to swear allegiance to America and use a book that has a verse that denies Christ died and resurrected, they slap Christianity and thumb their nose at God. And we are not to question their allegiance?

If the Quran actually is peaceful toward Jews and Christians why does Omar spew hatred for Israel and those who support?

Israel has been attacked viciously over the last week with missiles from Gaza and the annual day of return violent protest. And yet Omar praises the Palestinians and demonizes Israel. Hamas announced they want to bomb Telaviv.

Abbas told the Arab League of Nations this weekend :

(Middle East Monitor)“Israel’s control over our funds and the US’s suspension of its financial support, estimated at $844 million a year, are meant to exert pressure on us, in order to force the Palestinian people to give up on our legitimate right in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Resurrection. However, Jerusalem is not for sale. Palestine will never make sense without having Eastern Jerusalem and its holy sites as its capital.”

So the Palestinians have as their goal to control Jewish and Christian Holy sites and the City of Jerusalem and beyond.

The Jewish Virtual Library has a detailed record of our past Presidents who supported Israel. The following is from that Library.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower said this about Israel:

“The teaching of their ancient belief is filled with truth for the present day. Its profound sense of justice, nation to nation, man to man, is an essential part of every religious and social order. The health of our society depends upon a deep and abiding respect for the basic commandments of the God of Israel.”

And this mirrors what all our Presidents said such Lincoln.

Jimmy Carter said he would rather commit suicide than hurt Israel.

President George Bush the senior said this:

.. Zionism is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people….And to equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history and forget the terrible plight of Jews in World War II and indeed throughout history.”

For more visit the Library. It’s pages on- line have a wealth of information.

So why do we now have those in our government not only trying to overthrow our government but Israel as well? Wake up America! Christian businesses are being targeted and removed at alarming rates. Most recently Chic-Fila was banned in 2 airports in America for its Christian stance against gay marriage.

Speak out while we still can!

I stand with Israel!

I am proud to be called a Christian Zionist

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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