Google Not Russia Spreading Offensive,Twisted, Propaganda

With the whirlwind of accusations of fake news from Russia during our elections making Americans appear as mentally challenged and unable to discern truth, I was shocked to see that it’s not Russia promoting lies and garbage but Google right here in America.

As I went to google to search, and a news article promoted by google under the search bar, caught my eye.

Governor Mike Huckabee was calling out Cortez.

So I clicked on the article not realizing it was from, wow just wow. The filth in this article dropped my jaw. And it was promoted by Google as trending news.

So I took a hard look at the site. It lists “The Onion” as part of its network. A satire site. Why is Google using satire sites as news? Even as entertainment it would be unacceptable. Facebook and twitter and now google are promoting fake news and continue to attack and censor Christians and conservatives. And we wonder why our youth is ignorant of truth? Google used to be a source for searching out the truth or at the list a plethora of information. Just as social media arrived on the scene as a good thing. All have turned very dark.

Here is what jezebel is about:

“The Jezebel manifesto states that the site “will attempt to take all the essentially meaningless but sweet stuff directed our way and give it a little more meaning, while taking more the serious stuff and making it more fun, or more personal, or at the very least the subject of our highly sophisticated brand of sex joke. Basically, we wanted to make the sort of women’s magazine we’d want to read.” One of the site’s guiding principles, according to Holmes, is to avoid saying “misogynist things about women’s weight.” The website name refers to the black Jezebel stereotype.”(wiki)

It’s a joke. Any wonder why they would write filth aimed at Gov. Huckabee? What’s so disturbing is that Google is promoting this filth as trending news. This was the last and final piece of the propaganda puzzle I needed to see the era of deception unfolding.

Those criticizing google as a spy network a couple years ago were labeled as conspiracy but jobs. Well now today it’s not conspiracy but fact. Be aware of what you are reading. Know that it’s not conspiracy to recognize what is transpiring before our eyes.

It’s my understanding that this year will turn into a tsunami spreading and flooding propaganda followed by unrest and chaos fueled by the left. It will be unbelievable.

Leviticus 19:16

16 “ ‘Do not go about spreading slander among your people. “ ‘Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the LORD.

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