The Party Of Hate Condemns Hate But Against Who?

The Congress led by the party of hate, death and destruction has struck a fatal blow for Anti-semistism and Anti-Christian hatred. Petitions were signed the people spoke and demanded they act to call out one of their own (Ilhan Omar) for her vile rhetoric against Jews. The people called for her removal not only from the foreign affairs committee but from Congress. Did they listen to We the people? No. They locked arms and took up for her and passed a bill that says hate against Muslims and gays will not be tolerated. Antisemism barely got a mention. No mention of Christian hatred like they exhibit not only to all Christians but most specifically our Vice President. No mention of Omar’s name as the people requested. Twenty three Republicans voted against it. I commend them.

Here is the tweet of the statement by Tlaib,Omar and Cortez.

Notice the very first thing they say is how proud they are of the historic vote to condemn anti Muslim hate. This is historic in that according to their belief system it’s the beginning of sharia law. Anyone speaking out for Christ or speaking the truth about Islam will face a hate crime. Does America know what it’s done?

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  1. There’s more anti Christian bias in America than anti Muslim. Christianaphobe is alive and well.


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