Silent Coup Brought By The Party Of Hate In Full Swing

Coup definition: “A highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment. “

It’s very difficult if not impossible to watch this silent coup in progress.

Today is the beginning of the end or so the party of death thinks.

The unconscionable is now in plain site. I watched the opening of the committee with Michael Cohen. Apparently there are rules the same as our judicial system that ensure evidence be given to all parties at least 24 hours in advance. This was not done. Republicans of the committee pointed this out. They also pointed out that CNN had the evidence last night way before the committee members and demanded a postponement until evidence could be reviewed. The committee chair and others objected resulting in a vote of 17 for postponement and 24 votes to move ahead. To my surprise Tlaib and AOC were on this committee. They were the first Democrats to sign for Trumps impeachment. The democrats control this committee, but watching the chair attack the republicans and accuse them of trying to keep the American people from hearing Cohen, was deplorable at the least. Cohen was described by the chair as the Presidents personal confidant for years and though he lied once ,….the American people can decide for themselves. The fate of the President and outcome of this committee is to take the President down in plain site. They didn’t even hide it. The decision has been made and they are now attempting to sway public opinion their way. Since when does the party of hate and death care what Americans think? If they did we would have abortion restrictions, no infanticide, access to Hillaries emails, we would know the truth about Benghazi, we would know the truth about the Arab spring and many more things.

Watching Cohens opening statement it became clear the party of death is allowing him a stage to exact revenge for them and himself. He acted like his life depended on trashing and bringing down the President Of The U.S.

CBS had a banner announcing Cohens testimony that stated “Trumps former fixer.”

Still believe that the Democrat controlled MSM cares about America?

I said this is the beginning of the end, and I feel like for the first time they will indeed remove President Trump. This is a travesty no matter how you feel about Trump as a person. It will weaken America to the world and it will be our end. Not hyperbole but the sad reality of the dark road the party of hate and death has taken us down.

Are you aware of the book titled “A Silent Coup””The removal of a President”?

Well expect to see it in living color, it’s how they took Nixon down. Of course the liberal rag magazines like the New York Times attacked it. Others called it a boring conspiracy theory.

“The New York Times Book Review attacked Silent Coup’s argument that Nixon was “an innocent victim” and said it showed “a stunning ignorance of how the Government under Mr. Nixon operated.”

They attacked this book with a vengeance. Fiction or conspiracy those who were there at the beginning of this know it was wrong. All had feelings that this was indeed a silent coup. And it worked once so they’re doing it again.

Time to pray,time to let our voices be heard. And remember God is in control. He appoints King’s for his purpose. Whether for punishment,blessings or prophecy.

I feel like prophecy has unfolded.




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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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