The New Women Of Congress-The Boss And The Unbossed

I must have missed the amendment to our constitution that declares full and complete power to congress. Power that gives them immunity from public wishes and scrutiny. Power that says Americans are powerless in their government. Hmmm… But let’s look at their loyalties, loyalties that do not line up with America.

When I read this article by the Star Tribune from Minneapolis Minnesota my jaw dropped. A man who was responsible for the kidnapping of a journalist in Somalia is here in the U.S. He was arrested in Minneapolis in recent days. A terrorist living the life of freedom that he denied a journalist in Somalia. And they wonder why Trump wants better security and vetting?

I went immediately to Ilhan Omar’s twitter page to check her outrage of this mans actions and found NONE. That’s right, not even a peep. No condemnation nothing. And you wonder where her loyalties lie?

Here’s what I did find:

1. A video from SNL that she praised as if it were truth. Guess she doesn’t understand the nature of SNL.

This video does contain suggestive language and may offend, but we should know this since they (the women of Congress) are proud of it.

Well they are an embarrassment to strong women everywhere.

2. Vile hate filled tweets complete with symbolism like the raised fist. So much hate in one place but Tlaib and Cortez are also vying for the most hate filled tweets, like they will receive an Oscar.

3. There were a total of 6 tweets in a row condemning McDonald’s for putting its workers in poverty. All while Cortez screams for us to not eat hamburgers. Coincidence? Nope.

Here’s just a few of her hate filled rants.

I do agree and believe in a fair wage, but this is ranting about redistribution of wealth. Maybe Bernie Sanders will give up some of his millions.

Then there’s this one from AOC and remember she’s the boss!

Oh this one is from the self defined “unbossed” congresswoman.

How does she think people get paid if there’s no profit? Lord have mercy.

I’d like to know what is disgusting about that. It’s reality. You women of a Congress are not in power you hold power for us. You work FOR us. So to the boss and the one without a boss here’s the truth, the American people are your BOSS, get over yourselves. You are not the savior. You will not push us into your dictatorship.

I’m sorry but not sorry this rhetoric has catapaulted an atmosphere of hate and division here not seen since the Vietnam war. And it promises to take us back even to the divisions of the Civil War. Not hyperbole. Last week we saw a gay, black author indicted for faking an attack from white Trump supporters. We also saw reports of a Coast Guard member arrested for terroristic threats claiming white nationalism. Let me make this clear nothing justifies this type of hate. These hate filled temper tantrums and calls for attacking by the democrats is fueling all the crazies and anarchists everywhere. It’s even fueling and emboldening those like the Somalian in Minnesota.

Steve Brannon did an interview recently for CBS and said this:

“I think that 2019 is going to be the most vitriolic year in American politics since before the Civil War,” 

I agree. It’s time to wake up America.

Then there’s the woman who left America to join ISIS and decided maybe she didn’t like it after all and is now suing to return, even though the White House says no. Even if she proves to be a US citizen she forfeited her citizenship to commit treason. And yes that is punishable and she can be stripped of her citizenship. But hey according to the democrats ISIS is just poor people who need a job. Obama’s state department said that. Here is what the State Department Spokeswoman said:

“What the West really needs to take on the Islamic State is … a jobs program.

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  1. Excellent article!!


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