Cutting Through The “White Noise” Coming From The Left

Apparently Cortez and the other socialists haven’t checked with other socialist countries on their brand new green deal.

A report has surfaced showing French President Macron petting a cow. Yes he’s reassuring farmers he won’t kill the Ag industry. France is known for its wine and cheese. But according to this report he was offered a hamburger on his tour. I’m sure Cortez is screaming and wringing her hands asking how could he!?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that she and her blind followers are a laughing stock and an embarrassment to America.

Oh and yes she did suggest that we limit our hamburgers. Suggesting we eat hamburgers 3 times a day. And should cut down on it.

I’m going to quote a revered General here and say “Are we stuck on stupid”?

Since we’re on the subject. She has come out with claws and fangs viciously attacking those who pointed out her vicious attack on Amazon coming to NY, but look at this.

So the domino effect doesn’t apply to taxing business to death so they leave, but does apply to the 52,000$ a year she pays her staff? I just can’t believe her ignorance. Trouble is youth and others are swallowing her swill. She makes over 100,000 $ year. And who pays that? Who pays her staff that 52,000? We do. She’s great at doling out our money. How about she donate her entire salary like Trump? “The trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

And remember she has told us she’s in charge.

On the other hand by putting forth this absurd green deal, knowing full well Americans wouldn’t accept it, they think that we will eventually accept a climate change like the one Trump is against. Not unlike some who put an outrageous price on a car so it gives them room to barter for the actual price they want.

And speaking of climate change I laughed through this report from NBC stating that climate change will affect evolution, except for the end when they said climate change will bring about a blending of races thus diminishing racism. Something to ponder. So can we say climate change will be good?

Time to wake up and cut through the white noise.



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  1. For more info. regarding false climate alarmism, see:


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