All Eyes On Omar And Cortez

New ridiculous reports surface almost hourly on the dangerous women newly elected to our government. And I’m not talking about reports that can’t be proven like the one that say’s Omar married her brother committing immigration fraud. Although I think that there needs to be an investigation there. There’s at the least enough to warrant an investigation.

These three women came on the scene, not quietly with intentions of learning and making positive change. They came on the scene like a ravenous wolf vowing to take down everyone who doesn’t agree with their plans. These plans are very decisive, and clearly against every custom, law and value America was built on. They didn’t make silly statements like Howard Dean when he was stepped on and silenced by the democrats. Remember when he raised his arms and said wheeeeeee the next stop is the White House. These ladies are purely evil and dangerous. Take Omar for example. There is not enough time in a day to write it all down. But as it comes to light I will warn. She has been very vocal of her support of Palestine and even those who are designated terrorists. Palestine has come under fire for paying terrorists a salary or paying large sums of money to martyrs attacking Israel.

Times Of Israel:

“The Palestinian Authority has allocated more than NIS 1.24 billion ($330 million) for payments related to security prisoners and so-called “martyrs” in its 2018 budget, according to a new report published by a Jerusalem-based research institute.

Well I saw a report from the Federalist Papers about her voting no on a bill in the Minnesota state house in 2017,(HF1397) that would have prevented Insurance Companies from making payments to those who commit acts of terror against America. So I researched and it took 5 minutes to find the bill and how the Reps voted. Only 2 voted no. Both were Democrats. One gave a lame excuse for voting no stating that the Insurance Companies would be able to decide what is terrorism. Really? It’s clearly defined. Omar gave no explanation.

Minnesota’s HF1397 vote roster

But weeks later she asked for leniency to men accused of terroristic acts by attempting to join ISIS. (More) Are there any doubts where her loyalties lie? They clearly do not lie with America, but with America’s enemies, at the least a sympathizer. She is anti-Semitic, demonizing an ally of America, and yet she is in a position of power. Why? Why is she on the Foreign Affairs Committee? Why is she privy to secure information? At the least her security clearance should be revoked immediately and she should be removed from this highly sensitive committee. But I feel she should be impeached and removed from office. Since when do we allow sympathizers of America’s enemies to have a say in how we run our country?

It’s also been reported that Cortez gave her boyfriend a state email. (More) Yes that’s right. He now has access to sensitive information via email. She said it was so he could access her calendar. Give me a break. She can give him a copy of her calendar like everyone else. That calendar carries sensitive secure information that would aid terrorists period. There’s a reason those appearances are kept secret.

Then there’s her celebration of causing a deal with Amazon to fall through in building a plant that would have employed thousands of people in New York. Even the progressive democrats are attacking her over that one. They have created a beast and now they can’t reign it in.

This is indeed prophecy, even the prophecy scholars and preachers like Perry Stone and Irvin Baxter are writing and warning about the dangers of socialism and the new formation of a one world religion. Time to pay attention. Time to speak out in unison.

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