I Have Been Attacked By Pakistan For Blasphemous Content And They Want It Removed

I’ve reported before about Pakistan’s government seeking our governments aid to attack what they deem as blasphemous content. They want most especially Facebook to report this as a crime. (Read)Now they are seeking WordPress to join in this persecution. Thankfully they have not yet. I’ve also reported at length about the hideous blasphemy laws in Pakistan. This law is aimed at targeting and killing Christians.

This morning I was notified by WordPress that Pakistan’s government is seeking to remove content from this blog for blasphemy. I Am Not Ashamed is being targeted. You need to pay attention to this. As our freedom of speech and freedom to worship, our freedom to spread the truth of the gospel is in grave danger. I will speak as long as I can but you need to pay attention. It’s here in America.

The email from support at WordPress.com was encrypted but here is the complaint against me.

Feb 15, 05:19 UTC


A Pakistan authority has demanded that we disable the following content on your WordPress.com site:


While we have not complied, due to the order it is possible that your site could at some point in the future become inaccessible for Internet visitors originating from Pakistan. Visitors from outside of Pakistan would still be able to access the site.

You and your readers may be interested in these suggestions on bypassing Internet restrictions.

For your reference, we have included a copy of the complaint below. No reply is necessary, but please let us know if you have any questions.

— Begin complaint —

Dear WordPress Team,

I am writing on behalf of Web Analysis Team of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which has been designated for taking appropriate measures for regulating Internet Content in line with the prevailing laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In lieu of above it is highlighted that few of the web pages hosted on your platform are extremely Blasphemous and are hurting the sentiments of many Muslims around Pakistan. The same has also been declared blasphemous under Pakistan Penal Code section 295- B and is in clear violation of Section 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 2016 and Section 19 of Constitution of Pakistan.

Keeping above in view, It is requested to please support in removing following URL’s from your platform at earliest please.

The below mentioned websites can be found on following URL’s:-


31. https://iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/not-same-family.jpg


You are requested to contribute towards maintaining peace and harmony in the world by discontinuation of hosting of these websites for viewership in Pakistan with immediate effect. We will be happy to entertain any query if deemed necessary and looking forward for your favorable response at your earliest.


Web Analysis Team

— End complaint —

Community Guardian


The content in question is an image that states truth. That Jesus and Mohammed are not from the same family and includes Paul’s instruction. Galatians 4:31. Are we to strike the truth from the Bible? Muslims are allowed to say that Jesus is not Gods son and wasn’t crucified. They are allowed to say to slay all nonbelievers. While we are for love thy neighbor and spreading the Gospel of truth and good news and that is blasphemy? Pay attention.


I do thank WordPress for their stance on freedom of speech! And their suggestions on how to bypass internet restrictions. However this is something we all need to understand. How long before the Islamic nations like Pakistan actually succeed in sharia law for all? Speak out boldly for Christ. He is the only way to the Father, He is the Son Of God. I have one more question did the Pope just throw Christians under the bus with his new agreement with a Muslim Imam? Pray for Christians in Pakistan and all Islamic nations. Pray for America and speak while you still can.



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10 replies

  1. Yeah, they sent me a nastygram due to my exposing their ‘prophet’ as a pedophile and murderer on my blog. Consider this a badge of honor.


  2. Just tell them you don’t live in Pakestan! And you are NOT a citizen of Pakestan.


  3. If it’s so offensive then why don’t they just block it in Pakistan?
    Wouldn’t that preserve the sensitivities of the Muslims there?
    Also, if it’s so offensive then Muslims in Pakistan or anywhere else can use their discretion & just choose not to go to the site.
    Unless of course they’re looking for things to be offended about.
    Pakistan has got. Real hide expecting a US based platform to conform to a law that has nothing to do with them & is completely outside the jurisdiction.
    Why is it WordPress’s responsibility to coddle anyone else’s feelings?
    Can’t they take responsibility for how they feel?
    This is the argument of children.
    To basically accuse WordPress of not maintaining peace & harmony by maintaining this account is hysteria!
    Let the Muslims have their Islam & let the Christians have their Christianity.


  4. I come against this Pakistani group in the Mighty name of Jesus! I plead the blood of Jesus over you CJ for your protection! You speak the truth about Islam and their evil doings! Praise God for I Am Not Ashamed of The Gospel of Christ! May Father God and His ONLY Son Jesus protect all Christians! I ask this in Jesus name!


  5. Let’s not forget that Gods wrath is coming on this earth because of the refusal of mankind to accept Jesus Christ as the only payment for sin. This open rebellion that is displayed by all of the false and lying religions and secularists who hold God in contempt will lead to the destruction of most of the population of the world culminating in the Battle of Armageddon where blood will flow to the horses bridles. Islam is not the only religion that God hates and will soon destroy for their wickedness and rebellion. Many times God uses one group of evil people to destroy another group of evil people such as the false churches in America that won’t even stand up against adultery, homosexuality and the murders of innocent unborn children. It’s not a pretty picture and it is coming soon. So called Christians in America can’t even be bothered to share their faith and witness to those around them so the vacuum is now being filled by Islam.


  6. This to me is very interesting and telling.
    You should let them know that in America we have freedom of speech. I would be very interested to here there response. There response could shed light on the international system being set up and we could possibly gain great incite as to where we are as far as the world court system and if there could be judicial actions taken at this time or the near future. They seem to think that they can manipulate a sovereign nations people. But on what basis? I think there answers could shed light on many things at this time.
    Thank you


  7. The Bible tells us that the time would come when men would no longer endure sound doctrine.


  8. Ancient Hebrew Scriptures 75 Old testament prophecies that prove Jesus is Messiah, with New Testament fulfillment.



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