“Spartacus”(Cory Booker) Says World Can’t Sustain Meat Eaters (Eugenics 101)

Cory Booker at a pro-Obamacare rally. In the background are supporters of Planned Parenthood. By Senate Democrats-wikimedia commons

I’ve been following the Democratic “Eugenic” agenda for several years. At least 8 years ago Jessie Ventura (former governor of Minnesota) did a show series in which he exposed government conspiracy theories. One show was about the Democrat eugenic belief. He even had a Doctor who had worked for democrats who explained the possible why and how. Now I didn’t or wasn’t ready to go full into that at the time. But now it’s full on. Infanticide will bring assisted suicide. Already rumblings of that. And get ready: Spartacus (Corey Booker) has announced that the world can not sustain meat eaters any longer. Yes that’s right.

He really thinks we’re that stupid. It’s democratic eugenics 101. You can’t make this stuff up.

Multiple News agencies are reporting his statement. This one of his statement is from Lifenews.com:

“You see the planet earth moving towards what is the Standard American Diet. We’ve seen this massive increase in consumption of meat produced by the industrial animal agriculture industry. The tragic reality is this planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact. It’s just not possible, as China, as Africa move toward consuming meat the same way America does because we just don’t have enough land.

The number-one reason for rainforest destruction now is animal grazing land. We see greenhouse producing gases produced; the devastating impact is just not practical. The numbers just don’t add up. We will destroy our planet unless we start figuring out a better way forward when it comes to our climate change and our environment.”

Eugenics on steroids! And it’s growing and gaining steam. And the statement I think from Kissinger “control the food and you control the people”should sound warning bells in us all.

Now eugenics has been around for a hundred years and was pushed underground but left to grow. Now the satan inspired democrats have made their boldest move ever with infanticide. The newly elected 3 stooges as I call them lovingly, aligned with Spartacus and Elizabeth Warren are pushing the green new deal in a bid to further their agenda. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I discourage that. But you can’t deny the darkness rising from the democrats of today.

As the video talks mainly about abortion and now Booker brings the food control into view you can agree that we need to resist. We need to speak up, we need to push back. Wake up as many as you can. Let’s let our voices be heard.


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