The Changing Demographics Of The New Democratic Party Of Hate And Death

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The insane lies and accusations from the newly elected Congressional delegates grow like a tsunami. And they have been crowned rising stars by Democrats. Rising stars maybe under socialism or sharia law, but they threaten our morals, and values that our Constitution was founded on, by disassembling one piece at a time. This is so much more than politics as usual. Whipping their base to a frenzy with hatred, and promises of infanticide as a freedom for all. They have become the party of hate and death.

Trumps deportation force? Department of Homeland Security is not Trumps Deportation force. President Trump is immoral? What about freedom to commit murder on newborns? That’s not immoral? Is she that ignorant or does she think Americans are ignorant? We are not “stuck on stupid. ”

According to a report on Fox News Hannity, Omar declares that girls are being tortured at the Southern Border.

“The difference between what is happening to some of those little girls and me is that I didn’t have a cage waiting for me,” Omar said. “They are separated and processed. They are detained and tortured. And we can’t continue to allow that to happen. At least not under our watch.”

AOC proudly declares that ICE should be abolished. Even while illegal gang members and drug dealers are arrested at alarming rates. In essence she and others are calling for chaos much like you see in third world countries. Just for a moment close your eyes and invision no security, no border patrol, no deterrent at our southern border. Do you see the hundreds of thousands rushing and flooding Arizona, California and Texas? Do you see the mobs overtaking these border towns? Violence running amok. There will be no control, only chaos. That’s our future.

I suggest that Omar (with her sister brides of satan) revisit her home country to see torture and detention. Visit other Muslim dominant countries she so proudly represents to see the torture of girls, women and religious discrimination. Yet she’s silent about true torture. In Eritrea detainees are kept in buried trailers and face starvation and torture and death. Yet she’s silent on that. She appears to be part of the plan to bring America to its knees so that we are unable to speak out against human rights abuses across the globe. She is completely silent on the human sex trafficking rings here and growing. Complete silence. I just read an article in which a small town in Tennessee arrested sex traffickers. It’s real and it’s a present danger. And yet she and the other white wearing brides of satan are silent.

Did she condemn the young woman in Israel that was beheaded by a Palestinian last week? Nope Silent. According to The Times Of Israel:

A Palestinian man was arrested by Israeli security forces in Ramallah overnight Friday on suspicion of the brutal murder of the 19-year-old Israeli woman Ori Ansbacher in Jerusalem on Thursday, according to a joint statement from police and the Shin Bet.

Christians fleeing death from countries like Pakistan, are placed in cages everyday by countries they flee to like Thailand but alas only silence from Omar.

So let’s remove all security, allowing chaos at all our airports and ports of entry. This is what they want. Paradise or complete and utter chaos and darkness?

So you can clearly see this is not politics as usual but the “Grand finale” of fireworks ushering in the fundamental change of America started by Obama. And the dogs of hell have been unleashed to fight resistance.

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