Denying Christ By Silence

If Peter were alive today do you think He would stay silent? Do you think he would sweep sin under a rug? Do you think he would commit denial of Christ by remaining silent?

If your wondering why I titled my last post “I see dead people”, wonder no more. I decided this morning that I would give the church the benefit of the doubt. It’s been about a week since NY passed a law promoting infanticide and several days since VA declared you can Kill infants after birth. So I looked up the more prominent conferences in the US. First the Free Will Baptist Association, nothing, nada, zip, nothing on its sites about Abortion.

Southern Baptist has no statement of condemnation but does have information on what abortion is. No condemnation or other alternatives.

The Lutheran Services has zip, nada, nothing. However they are worried about vulnerable children. What could be more vulnerable than killing infants?

The Pope has not made a statement on fourth trimester abortions but did say in October last year that abortion was equal to hiring a hit man.

This is so, so sad. No condemnation of abominations to God from the body of Christ. My heart is broken. Conservatives are speaking out, even prochoice people are speaking out saying wait a minute, what? By the way fourth term abortion is not a made up term, it’s real and is the baby’s first three months after birth. And this is what the Governors Of NY and VA are promoting.

And again nothing from the church. How sad God must feel. How sad Christ must feel.

And if you think I’ve been to harsh or exaggerating about the satanic hatred surrounding Washington and our country think again. According to the Wash. Post Senator Scott said this:

Rick Scott Rep. from Florida: “I’ve been a US Senator for three weeks now, and I can tell you that reports of hate and incompetence in Washington are severely understated. Things are actually much worse than they appear.”

Hell has been unleashed and it’s happening in real time.

Pray like never before.



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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