Understanding The Party Of Death And Destruction’s Zeal For Death

Sleep came hard last night. And restful, peaceful sleep totally went out the window, as I listened to reports about Virginia’s late term abortion push.

They call it late term abortion really? It’s painfully clear they’re pushing toward infanticide. They justify their grotesque hatred for life by saying things like; oh it’s only for severely deformed infants or infants that aren’t viable. But language in the bill suggests it can be for any physical or mental impairment of the mother also.

Apparently even when labor has begun at full term and the cervex is dilating they may cause death. They do so by injecting the infants head with a heart stopping drug. When the Governor received pushback he rapidly cried foul. His explanation said that in the cases of deformity after injecting these drugs, the infant will be made “comfortable” and can be resuscitated if the mother chooses, then they can decide what to do. I’m sorry Governor but that statement of killing a baby after birth can not be taken out of context as you say.

It’s infanticide, it’s murder no matter what bright colors you paint it with. Your attempts to justify by saying 3 doctors and the mother are judge, jury and executioner doesn’t hold water either.

I watched Tucker Carlson ask a prochoice activist how she felt about it and it might have been funny had it not been about murder. It totally sickened me. She refused to answer the question each time citing that Tucker’s party, the Republicans were trying to control a woman’s body, and that his party was responsible for children dying on the border, and that it’s a woman’s body, and that Kavanaugh will overturn RoeVWade. And that Tucker and his party want to push women into back allies for abortions with a coat hanger. They all tout that. blah, blah, blah. Garbage and a heart that wreaks with a love for death. It’s satanic.

The party of death and destruction (Democrats) has divided our country and violate every principle and moral we were founded on.

They want life, free health care for all except a baby. It’s immoral to build a wall or inhumane to inject convicted murderers on death row with heart stopping drugs but we can kill an infant. If 3 doctors (which VA democrats want to reduce it to 1 doctor) and the mother deem it necessary.

Tennessee’s new Governor wants a bill that says no abortion after a heart beat is detected. Did you know that a heartbeat can be detected at about 20 days?

May God have mercy on America and even the silent church. Especially the silent church. There’s a Baptist church close to me that won’t preach or pray about abortion because it might be offensive. Yes really. The body of Christ (all churches) should be on their knees in prayer but it might offend. Lord have mercy.

Recommended reading and viewing:

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  1. I have been so upset about this. Sleep alludes me too. Must take something to help me sleep. I keep repeating God help us over and over!!! Somethings going to happen. I can’t explain it. I pray God has had enough.


  2. Isn’t church where you are supposed to be convicted of sin and repent of them. How can you do this with out offending someone at every service? That is the job. And we are not to take offense but be humbled, and learn from our mistakes. What is the matter with people?


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