DSA Unveiling And Coming Out In Force-But Do They Have America’s Best Interest At Heart? Facts Say No


Things are transpiring that are critically important. As the shutdown of our Government continues into the 4th week, it appears that Democrats are more determined than ever to bring our Country to it’s knees. By denying those who defend our country’s borders like the Coast Guard, TSA, and our vets pay, they are displaying a clear cut disdain for those who hold our Country up.

Today it was reported that key democratic lawmakers were invited to the White House for a lunch to debate and come to a compromise on the border wall. They flat refused at the last minute. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t invited but she gave the lawmakers who were the ok to attend. However it’s what she said that curls the hair on the back of my neck. According to Fox News Pelosi said she told them to go, but then said at the end you will want to perform a citizens arrest. Yes she did. I think she fully understood the implication of that foolish and dangerous statement that hints at a coup. This is about to implode, and the Democrats are holding the detonator, effectively taking all Americans hostage while she and the other progressive socialists destroy our government.

This week we all saw photos of democrats on the beach in Puerto Rico in their scant swim suits partying like it was 1999. How disgusting is that? How deplorable is that? While Americans are suffering they are partying under the guise of touring Puerto Rico’s damage.  And they went to a production of Hamilton.  If they truly cared about Puerto Rico they would have returned immediately to do their job.  If they truly cared about the children at our Southern Border they would be working around the clock to submit an acceptable proposal and open the government immediately. Instead they are flipping their noses at ordinary Americans. Showing all, they are in power and there is nothing we can do about it. We are subject to their vile and disgusting displays of immaturity and lack of love of country.

This goes beyond the vacations they took at the beginning of the shutdown, we all saw photos of Pelosi in Hawaii.

Their rhetoric turns more dangerous by the day. The reports of illness at the border are surfacing regularly, with illness’s like TB. This is not new, I know personally of many cases of TB that came with immigrants from Mexico and beyond.

Today it’s reported that Fargo North Dakota accused Lutheran Social Services of hiding the Tuberculosis risk; and the city Commissioner made a motion to stop refugee inflow into Fargo. Valley News Live reports that the Commissioner said: “I’ll be making a motion that we stop allowing refugees to be placed in Fargo until we do health screenings, we were told it was happening 3 years ago, clearly it’s not.” The Director of Public Health at Fargo Cass Public Health, reported that in 2018 there were 138 cases of TB.

So before you buy into the propaganda garbage fed the masses by the democrat owned MSM, research and understand that this will be a danger to us if the democrats are allowed the free flow of immigrants to continue unchecked, unscreened and unvetted. So many reports are surfacing also about MS-13 and other gangs and cartels, even islamic terrorists flowing across our open border. How hard is it for them to understand?

It’s exploding and the democrats are partying and refusing to even attend talks. How can they do that? Why are they refusing to do their job? There are about 100 new lawmakers this year and only 3 of those are holding onto blatant nastiness, propaganda and declaring socialism in our face.  In fact it’s happening so fast even older democrats are trying to hit the skids as with Harry Reid.


The New York Post and others are reporting that the Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio announced that he stands with the working class and proposed redistribution of wealth. I actually heard this and could do nothing but shake my head. He said “Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.” Saying that wages are poor and we can’t live the life we deserve, citing that as “the cold hard truth”, blaming Republican Presidential administrations from Reagan to Trump. It rivals Ocasio-Cortez and now they are so emboldened that they are in plain sight, speaking in plain language now.  It used to be understood within their party to move slowly and change one thing at a time until they were in charge.  But now their mission is almost complete and they are in a full frontal assault.  Not only on America but on Israel also.  The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) recently passed a resolution which solidified the DSA’s solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people and with the movement of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).  They compare Israeli actions to apartheid.  They have also shown solidarity with Ahed Tamimi, a teenaged girl held for slapping an IDF soldier.   Calling for immediate release from detention.  reiterating the DSA’s support for the liberation of the Palestinian people.

Tlaib proudly poses with Hezbollah backing anti-Israel activist.

Time to speak boldly and pray. Can we change things? Personally I think we’ve gone too far. I do know one thing, it’s going to get alot worse.  Pray for President Trump and our lawmakers.  Pray for Israel.


Credit to Wikipedia, Valley News Live, New York Post, Fox News

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