America Has 3 Layers Of Protection 2 Of Those Have Gone Rogue

Our Government was set up to protect us from tyrannical rule. We have 3 branches that are suppose to be a check and balance system to protect us. But what happens when the Legislative and Judicial branches go rogue and set out to destroy a legally elected president simply due to hatred and revenge?

That’s easy, it’s what we are witnessing today.

It’s a circus full of snakes like pythons squeezing the life out of America.  And the MSM owned by the democratic propaganda machine are baiting more and more to follow along blindly.   Our enemies like Iran are jubilant.

And the party of division proudly proclaim their disagreements and with vile nasty proclamations admit they will take out a President.

The global elitists along with all the isms have drawn battle lines and called for a social war. A war of words and division that only hurts Americans, with a final goal of world domination, open borders, and one world government,  and they blame the whole muddy mess on Trump.  Not sensationalism or hyperbole it’s fact and it’s playing out in real time before our eyes.

Back to the question. What can the executive branch do with rogue lawmakers and judiciaries?

Republican lawmakers like Lindsey Graham are calling on President Trump to declare a National emergency.


And it appears preparations are being made for just that. I can’t say that would be a bad thing at this point. We can not allow one party to dominate and destroy our country as the democrats are doing today. It’s been said “this is not the Democratic Party of John Kennedy” and I agree. The democratic socialist party has taken over along with the globalist left. And their goals and policies will give power to a global elite with ruling power over all. Even Islam joins in this takeover.

What they have created resembles a ball of twisted poisonous snakes ready to attack. It resembles Medusa.

Pray for America,pray for our people and pray for God’s mercy. This is getting real and is at the least an attempt to overthrow our government from within. Again speak with boldness, pray like you’ve never prayed before.

“What I say to one I say to all,watch. “

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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