Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Like Fact Checkers-So What Is She Hiding?

The deeper I look into the newly elected democratic Congress, the more disturbing it becomes. While Americans slept the snake was busy about his agenda. And now after 8 years of progressive democratic socialism control, Americans have awakened to a changed America. President Trump brought with him a fervor of renewal in America, a renewal of the American dream, and by that I mean that our voices do matter, our votes do count, and we can worship God the way we see fit, and take care of our families and live comfortably. These basic gifts from God were hijacked by those who said that God’s gift of freedoms and prosperity would be given by government not God. No borders, paradise for all, free healthcare, free money, no taxes except for the rich (re-distribution of wealth) free college for all, and the list goes on and on. Sound like paradise? It is to the open border, one world order progressives of today. While we worked and went about our business, the progressives, the socialists, and the communists went about the business of propagating our youth.

Teaching their principles and none other, banning all teachings of Christian faith, prayer, patriotism and the values America was founded on. Even completely changing the way they are educated. That said this is the year to speak out boldly, to educate others and our youth about this demonic entity that is now ready to pounce and take over.

And yes Socialism, communism, progressive and Islamism are demonic entities with values far, far from God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I don’t compare Trump to a modern day Cyrus like some. But I do know that God is in control of all leaders and they are used for either His Glory or to fulfill prophecy.

I thought about Richard Nixon, and wondered about his short presidency, and then it hit me. Richard Nixon came forward at the last minute, when all the world refused to help Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur war, sent munitions and aide and the rest is history. He helped God’s people. And Trump is also appointed for the same thing. Israel is on a precipice hated by all nations, even Western nations, and he stepped up to support them, even moving our embassy to Jerusalem declaring it to be the capitol of Israel. This angered the demons in power and the rest will soon be history.

I apologize for the length of this, but it’s much needed. I and the other watchmen are loudly proclaiming the dark influences taking power today. It’s prophecy, and we need to be informed.

All 3 domocrat women, newly elected and sworn in to Congress belong to the Democratic Socialist Party of America. There is no longer a democratic party it’s now a democratic party of socialists. All pushing for socialism. Formed by Karl Marx. Marx termed socialism as “the first phase of communist society can be viewed as a transitional stage characterized by common or state ownership of the means of production under democratic works control and management.”

In 1848 Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote a pamphlet titled “The Communist Manifesto.” “Marx argued that the working class should carry out organised revolutionary action to topple capitalism and bring about soci-economic emancipation.” Wow! Almost word for word from Ocasio-Cortez’s social media. In the 20th Century many countries labeled themselves “Marxist” like Russia, other leaders that followed were Lenin Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and others. Death and destruction followe each of these leaders and countries, yet they are labeled as heroes. They each killed millions of their own people, for refusing to bow to them.

Ocasio Cortez has come out swinging against those who fact check her, in essence demanding they stop. What is she afraid of? Does she want us to blindly follow her every word without checking for truth or darkness? She’s afraid that we will see what is in her heart. She is at the heart of socialism, even communism and it’s time we realize this. The other 2, Tlaib and Omar are socialists also but they have another ism that makes them just as dangerous. If not more so. You see, it’s my opinion that socialism and communism is not that different from the sharia law of islamism. Much of Ocasio-Cortez’s rants are about bringing up civil war racism, to incite Americans, and she stated that “Trump launched his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists.” That is a prime example of the twisted propaganda that the MSM now democrat owned media is putting out. That is false. He did not say that. He said Mexico was sending us it’s worse, and that’s true, I believe they were even emptying some of their prisons and giving people pamphlets on how to enter America. But that’s another post.

But what does she stand for?
1. Re-distribution of wealth
2. She say’s that Climate change is “the single biggest National security threat”
3. Medicare for all
4. Defunding ICE, in fact wants it disbanned completely
5. Supports the impeachment of President Trump, for violating the “Emoluments clause” stating that “we have to hold everyone accountable and that no person is above the law”

The truth is she was groomed early in her college days by Ted Kennedy. She interned in his immigration office. And in 2016 she was an organizer for Bernie Sanders’s bid for President.

What is her biggest qualification? This is hillarious, Her large social media presence. Yep that’s right, she has no senority, no experience, not even on a local level, but she is touted as having a social media presence that could increase her influence. “She has as much clout as all freshman democrats combined.”  With 2.16 million on Twitter, and 1.6 million on instagram. It’s not hard to see she is a propaganda machine for the millenials. And last but not least she supports the marginal tax of 70% for the rich. This is re-distribution of the wealth. The taxes of the past has driven business, industry and people out of America. But the youth believe her. They are clueless as are many who swallow the poison.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ or being a Christian, remember obama said Christ’s sermon on the Mount was radical, too radical for him to implememt.
Speak out boldly this year, educate your children, your neighbors and co-workers. We are in the great deception and America again hangs on a precipice. And remember:

“What I say to one, I say to all, watch.”

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