Evil Emboldened 

For those who may be riding the fence or think satan is a myth, think again.  I can’t remember a time in my life that satan’s presence in life has ever been more prevalent.
It’s easy to see for those of us watching.  Entertainers in the past have proudly displayed cult like images and even said jokingly or not they have sold their soul’s to satan or darkness.

Now last night Christian Bale announced in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globe awards for his part playing Dick Cheney on Vice, “Thank you Satan.”  He really did and what would make him think that would be funny?  It’s bizarre at the least, and extremely disturbing.  More and more of the entertainment community has paid homage to satan.  The first time I heard of entertainers paying homage was a few years ago when researching obama’s favorite.  Author and activist Saul Alinsky wrote a tribute to satan in his book, Rules for Radicals.  And its went downhill from there.

Then again today Life News posted about a speech, Hillary Clinton gave Sunday.  Apparently satan has emboldened his followers with an urgency because according to life news she is aiding New Yorks Governor with a push for late term abortions to pass as a state law.  She said it couldn’t wait.  You see they’re afraid with changes in SCOTUS that RoeVWade will be overturned.  She has always pushed for late term abortion up to birth, but now shes pushing with a frenzy.  It will be law that pregnancies in the third trimester can now be aborted for any medical reason.  Loosely worded so that psychological worries are a medical reason.

Satan is obviously thrilled and emboldened with those that have fallen away and following his lead that now his agenda is playing in real time.  Real time in plain sight.  If you haven’t noticed thousands upon thousands have gone off the rails with selfishness, glutonny, lovers of self only, (its all about me), money, unholy, ungrateful ( I’m entitled) and lust.  The filthy, vile, foul mouthed newly confirmed politicians and what is transpiring in our government right now is a prime example.

So Paul’s letter to Timothy is a warning for us in the last days.  And so many ignore this.  

“What I say to one, I say to all watch!”

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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