Eye On America

Will newly elected officials uphold America’s values, like In God We Trust?

I want to state from the start, my concerns are not this elected official’s religion as our country gives freedom.  My concern is the symbolism, will she uphold our right for symbolism that is being attacked daily?  Like our right to display crosses or the 10 commandments?  Our right to speak of Christ as Gods Son?  Time will tell.

Yesterday American demographics changed dramatically and few notice.

I posted about the conflicts of interest with Tlaib a Palestian American muslim elected to Congress, but the other Somali refugee elected is just as conflicting with our values.  As she donned a hijab for swearing in, clutching muslim prayer beads and hand on Koran, she swore her allegiance.  
But allegiance to what?  Congress had to change rules that have stood since our founding to allow this head covering.  Don’t start because I know its a religious symbol but what about freedom from religion as the left touts to us?  We have to remove crosses and 10 commandments, but this is celebrated?  

This symbolism is so loud its deafening.  And yet many cant hear it.

Where do you think her allegiance will fall when Christians persecuted and killed in Somalia come up?  Will she denounce violence against Christian’s in muslim lands?

Open Doors a watchdog on world Persecution states this on Somalia:  “The Islamic clan-based structure of the government and society is detrimental to the practice of the Christian faith, as all Somalis are expected to be Muslims.”

I can share in the historic symbolism here also with both of these women, but given the direct conficts of interest shown in refusing to acknowledge the simplest respect like removing head cover, begs questions.  What happens if sharia law comes up, will these women advocate for it?  Will they be able to differentiate between their freedom to worship and ours? I do have to say at least she didn’t blatantly disrespect the President and call him names like Tlaib did.  We will remain on the wall watching. 

I can make a broad statement here and say Americans expect 100% allegiance to our Constitution and Country, are we getting it in the newly elected?  Again, time will tell.

“What I say to one I say to all.”

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2 replies

  1. I fear for our country. May God help us all.


  2. I really don’t care so much about head coverings as most nuns have to wear them, but I would have a problem with a member of the IRA being sworn in due to their fanatical and terrorist views years ago. Would we vote for a White supremacist, or a Black panther, I would hope not, so this causes me great concern. She is a lovely girl , but her religion dictates what she thinks, and how she will govern. As my faith is my life , I’m sure her’s is too.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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