Dear Facebook, Why Do You Hate Us?

Screenshot of Mark Zuckerberg from twitter

Dear Facebook,

I truly request, humbly, that you review your harrassment, hatred and bias, of Christian Conservatives.  As Christians/conservatives we follow the golden rule to treat others as we want to be treated.

We seek truth, not sensationalism.  We research every post claiming to be news.  We watch and we warn others as our Bible and Lord commands us.

We follow Gods word guiding us in scripture.  Our scripture commands us to avoid sexual immorality, murder as in abortion, to respect all life.  We are commanded to spread the Gospel (good news) that Christ is the way the truth and the life, there is no other way.

So why do you target us for following our beliefs?  Why does this go against your standards when atheist, witches,satanic cults and islam is allowed to spread dissention?  Why have you decided against freedom of speech for Christians and conservatives.  Your people as much as said they target us but why?  What danger are we, when we seek only the truth?

What danger are we when we offer prayers of support or condolences?

Our Holy Book tells us to be aware of lies and anti-christ.  It tells us to be vigilent.

So why do we violate standards of facebook?  Our freedom is in Christ Jesus does that scare you?  We are for human rights for all, especially the persecuted and the women and children.  We want to live safely in our country knowing our military is protecting our freedoms.  Why is that so bad?

We believe in the freedoms in our Constituton that gives a right to protect ourselves.  We believe all men were created equal and denounce racism wherever we find it, we stand with the downtrodden.  So why are you targeting us to silence our voice?

We wont be silenced,we are not afraid, our Lord gave us a spirit of boldness not fear.  We won’t stop seeking truth, or speaking against prejudices or persecution.  We will call out lies, half truths and twisting of news,we will call out sin, and we will not deny our Lord.  We will boldly speak and stand together against oppression, whatever form that takes.

So again, why are you targeting us?  We are not the enemy of truth as some are.  Please reconsider your policy of discrimination.

Have a blessed and prosperous New Year.  

C. Refsland

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  1. Good article. Good questions!!!

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