Terrorist Attack In Giza

Screenshot CNN

Reports are beginning to surface about a terrorist attack in Giza, Egypt, near the pyramids.  

A bus carrying Vietnamese tourists was hit by a bomb.  One report said the bomb was hidden behind a wall.  

No claims of responsibility were made immediately.  Islamist attacks are frequent there, especially in the Sinai.  MSM is reporting that this is the first attack on tourist’s in 2 years.  

The US State department issued a statement condemning the attack:  “The United States strongly condemns the attack carried out today on a tourist bus in Giza. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of those killed and we wish a quick recovery for those injured. We are unaware of any American citizen casualties at this time. We stand with all Egyptians in the fight against terrorism and support the Egyptian government in bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice.”

The attack killed 4 according to BBC, and wounded at least 12.   Some reports state that security has been increased for Christian churches there as some Orthodox will celebrate Christmas January the 7th.  

This comes among recent rumors of increased attacks coming also in the West.  

Many have condemned this terrorism, and say they stand together against terrorism but what actions are taken?  Calls for open borders for all countries are still pushed by the UN and the progressives here.  So if you can’t vet and can’t enforce border security what is left?  These barbaric animals care nothing about human life, or historical sites, in fact they seek them to destroy.  They fear no law, they believe they must die in martyrdom to reach heaven.  How do you prosecute or punish such animals?  

Pray for the innocent in Egypt and those grieving with this latest attack. 

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