Is This “The Season Of The Witch”?

One of the most liberal pieces of media has declared this in an opinion post, to be the “season of the witch.”

Yahoo news reports that there are more witches than Protestants today.
(Yahoo) “Witchcraft is thriving in the US, with an estimated 1.5 million Americans now identifying as witches – more than the total number of Presbyterians. As Christianity declines across the country, paganism has swung to the mainstream, with witchcraft paraphernalia for sale on every high street and practises normalised across popular culture.”
Another article on Yahoo News,an opinion piece from the Huff Post says this: “Those interested in religion and spirituality have noticed that 2018 was a landmark year for the visibility of ancient natural religions, and those who are drawn to their principles and practices. Call it the Season of the Witch. “

I have written many times about ancient gods rising again. The godless and ignorant have opened portals to the demonic realm. One only has to watch music videos of the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Curus to see the beginning. A Police department in Alabama even went so far as to blame the rise in violent crimes to youth that have turned from God.
Witches are casting spells and curses on our President and Supreme Court Justices. Muslim elected officials recently mocked our Vice Presidents Christian belief.

I read one article that had a converted witch telling in an interview that witches are laughing at Christians. Laughing because they know we have the power to rebuke them powerless and either dont know it or refuse to do so.

Are we to ignore the rise of satan? Many Christians don’t believe satan exists in our world today. Are we to remain silent on the warning signs? Christ didn’t, His Apostles didn’t. They warned that he is roaming the earth looking for whom he may devour. He is our accuser,the father of lies, the author of confusion and chaos,debauchery has his signature on it. Most satanic cults here tout humanism and not to deny yourself any pleasures or sins. As many curses and spells have gone out to satan as have sermons and worship music. And every time they utter a curse or spell this demonic portal widens bringing with it evil spirits consuming people. One only has to look intently into the faces of all involved in causing division, and chaos today, even in our government.
We need to sharpen our discernment or we will be caught off guard. Use the power God has given us, put on the armor given us. Take a stand and spread the light of Christ. Spiritual attacks are very real and a present danger. Satan seeks to divide the body of Christ and conquer. This is the only way he can rise above God.
“What I say to one, I say to all, watch” (Mark 13:37)

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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