The Super Highway Of Terror Growing?

The Super Highway Of Terror Grows

Just as President Trump announced Daesh had been conqured, new reports from MSM and watchdogs like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are reporting that ISIS has killed 700 prisoners. According to the New York Post they are still active and hold a small strip of land near the Iraqi border.

(New York Post) BEIRUT — The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday that Islamic State militants had executed nearly 700 prisoners in nearly two months in eastern Syria.

While the US pulls out Iran has shifted to funneling money to Hezbollah on the Lebanon Israel border. Every day the IDF finds new tunnels dug by Hezbollah from Lebanon to Israeli territory. The UN is due to vote on this but it doesnt look good. The recent vote shows that their support is for the terrorist.
My one big question is are we leaving Israel alone as its enemies surround it? Sure looks that way.

Also reported today by multiple news media, 2 female hikers were killed in Morocco in a monstrous, loathsome act of terror. The killers put a video on line of the killing. One woman was found in their tent, the other outside. One was beheaded and the other suffered a fatal neck wound. Islamic terrorism is not on the decline, its rising. In Strausberg recently an islamic terrorist opened fire on a market screaming Allah Akbar, killing 3 and wounding 11.
And its not limited to one area. The slaughter in Nigeria continues with slaughter by the Islamic fulani herdsmen. All have ties to ISIS and the super highway of terror is open again.
Reports from China and the government there is also disturbing. They are cracking down on Christians and others and it has been reported they have a secret internment camp.
What in the world is going on in the world? The abomination of desolation is on the rise.

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The Super Highway Of Terror From Africa To Iran Is Not New

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