More Blasphemy Charges Against Christians In Pakistan

The middle East and Asia is shifting and on fire yet again, and Christian Persecution is again on the rise.

Just a short time after Asia Bibi was aquitted of a death sentence for a blasphemy charge, two more Christians are sentenced to death by hanging for the same charge.

Asia Bibi is not allowed to leave the country and is in protective custody.  It was reported recently that mobs were going house to house to hunt for her.

Its being reported that two Christian Brothers were sentenced to death last week by hanging.  Their offense?  Blasphemy.  They had a christian website.  

(Telegraph) “Tahir Bashir, counsel for the two men, said they were alleged to have uploaded blasphemous content on the United Christians Organisation of Pakistan in August 2010. A complaint was only registered a year later, by a Muslim cleric from another district. Mr Bashir said while the men had started the website, they were not operating it at the time of the offence.”

Reuters is also reporting that we (the US) has put Pakistan on a blacklist for religion freedom violations.  

(Reuters)This year came the designation, along with Myanmar, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. (More)

Pakistan is one of the top persecutors of Christians.  Many have fled to countries like Thailand only to find more persecution.  This is outrageous.  When will the West speak up for them?

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  1. It’s terrible what’s going on in the world with Christians!!! I fast for them every night. You’re right to ask when will the west speak up for them!!! God be with the persecuted Christians!

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