Google Makes A Blasphemy App For Indonesia’s Muslims

It’s being reported on many conservative news outlets, Google decided that Indonesia deserves an app for it’s large muslim population to report Blasphemy. A special app for that. (Read more)

Sadly it appears this is true. When you visit the app it says not available your country(America).  

This is a death sentence for Christians and other religious minorites. Dear God. Even “Patheos” an athiest site is reporting on this as a danger to the athiest population there.

Pakistan asked the US government in the recent past for this same thing. Christians are tortured, and slaughtered not only by these governments but by muslim populations. Does Google know they’re enabling this?   Asia Bibi and her family are in hiding after her aquittalof a blasphemy charge, with islamists lynch mobs going house to house searching for her. “Prominent figures who opposed the blasphemy law have been assassinated.” Hundreds have been killed in Pakistan alone.  With thousands more fleeing.  Indonesia also has a dark past of persecution.

Most won’t speak about the Abomination that causes desolation that we’re witnessing today. It’s sad really, this Abomination is in plain sight it’s a man-made religion who puts itself above God. God Almighty,  the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and, kills all those who don’t believe. 

 CARM does an excellent, brief article on what they believe. (Read here)

I don’t know how else to wake people up. The Watchmen are shouting and people still don’t realize what’s happening.
There is a beast alive today forcing All To Worship it.  Or at the least tolerate and bow to it.  When will people recognize this?
We were born for this time, a prophetic people to stand in the gap, as others point out, we are called for this time.
Its our turn to wake up the world.
I am not calling for vigilante justice, or hatred, only calling for Gods people to see what is hidden in plain site. Israel knows full well the power of satan at work here.
Work while its day, for the night is coming no man will be able to work. This is so true today. Our voices will be silenced. Speak while we can. Warn while we can. God will shelter His people so turn as many to Him as you can. Speak out raise awareness and pray for those persecuted.  

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  1. Amen CJ, the better part of the world is ignorant to what is really going on, and the better part of the Church is blissfully asleep while they “play” church.

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