Christian Pastor Arrested In Minnesota for Telling About His Conversion From Islam

Mall Of America (public domain wikimedia)

Christian persecution against persecuted Christians in America is on the rise.

This story was ignored completely by mainstream media. It is carried by PJ media which is a conservative news site. I was skeptical, not because its conservative but because the left labels it as fake. Fact check states it is too right for them. So I searched and found a report by the Minnesota sun, still leary I searched them. Their parent company is the Tennessee Star also a conservative site with a mission to publish truth not twisted propaganda as the left MSM. I trust them, Ive been following them almost from their start. That coupled with personal experience led me to write about the growing persecution of Christians in America.
Minnesota has a very large muslim population, mostly Somalian’s. Small towns across the state like Pelican Rapids (Im speaking from experience, I’ve been there) are growing with muslim refugees. Minnesota is an extremely liberal state, but recent events left me even more breathless.
A Christian Pastor, Ramin Parsa, who fled persecution in Iran, recently visited the Mall of America where 2 Somali women approached him and asked “Are you muslim”, he told them he used to be and they engaged in conversations about his conversion.
Another muslim woman heard the conversation and told a security guard that he was harrassing them. Long story short he was arrested and awaiting trial for sharing his faith. (Read more)
Yes this is in America. I’ve been to the Mall of America and it is highly concentrated with muslim shoppers. I visited a bookstore there searching for research on a blog post about Islam. A middle eastern man approached and stood next to me, a middle eastern woman wearing a hijab stood with him, I listened as he pointed out a book that the woman should read. It was a book on muslim women and how they should live in marriage. I left the store and the mall.
Minnesota, even small town Minnesota has large festivals for diversity and inclusion of the muslim populations, but it appears this diversity is not for Christians.
Time for Christians to wake up and speak out.  Unbind your tongue!

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  1. I’m somewhat skeptical about this, and trying to find an “official” report. I did find a couple articles from about three weeks prior to the are still incident where this same pastor survived a fiery plane crash in Mexico. None of the arrest articles I’ve read mention it. And I don’t see where he talked about it. Still searching. Note: we all know persecution is coming, and don’t want to believe it’s actually here…but I’d like to find out for myself what actually happened here.


    • ^ I see my word “arrest” got autocorrected to “are still.”


    • Understand. You most likely wont find an official report if you mean MSM, as the Minnesota Sun said they ignored it. PJ Mefia, the Minnesota Sun, Canadian Free Press and Jihad Watch covered it. And a host of other alternative conservative media sites. I trust the above as they report on these things that media does not. Thanks.


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