The Unhinged Fringe Is Hurting Mainstream Christian Conservatives

Everyone knows that we have entered into a surreal dimension. As we watch events unfold that are completely non-sensical. The right and left turns of the media, a media that no longer cares about reporting the news, but to present the sensstional to turn people away from truth. Depending on which political party they have endorsed. Or their sense of entitlement. We are all aware of this, and the darkness brought into reality with ANTIFA and other fringe groups, violently protesting and demeaning those with conservative views. We are portrayed as uneducated, filthy and our sanity has been questioned. Conservatives have been loudly touting the obvious, and that is that the unhinged fringe is all of a sudden threatening our reality. The truth is that for the last 2 decades all customs, times and laws have been slowly changing in front of our eyes. In plain site. Even how we educate our children has completely changed. Our values have been turned bottom up, which I might add came into plain site with Obama, and his supporters claiming change will come bottom up, top down. And it has. While most sat silently by, and swallowed deception, our world was changed.

I don’t claim to have special whistle blowers, or special knowledge or that I have uncovered never before heard news, like some fringe groups. Those are what I write about today. It has come to my attention again through aquaintences and friends who have become entrenched with these fringe groups. Gaming apps, chat rooms like discord, 4chan, 8chan and qanon. These are unhinged fringe groups that are hurting conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, giving the left opportunity to label all as crazy, these groups are helping to color all with the same brush regardless of what we follow. Are we that desperate that we have to turn to the unhinged who see and spread falsehood because they want a war so badly that they have to resort to whipping up the people. Statements like, “hello patriots, a storm is coming, armed forces are preparing to eradicate those on the left, weaponry is being formed…. and it goes on and on. Dramatic, exagerated, language is exactly what we don’t need. There is enough of that with our MSM. If you feel like you are living in an alternate universe, your right along with the rest of us. But do not become involved with these fringe groups on the Alt-right. The alt-left is no better, and that is portrayed and evidenced by what we see in the MSM.

Socialists and even islamists are slowly taking over in our government. One socialist according to Rush Limbaugh who cited an interview as his source, said they meaning socialists would take over the house, the senate and the presidency. Of course she listed this as the 3 branches of our government, totally oblivious to the fact that the 3 branches of government is Judicial, Executive and Legislative. And according to some conservative sites, and Time and NBC Democrats are seeking to change a 181 year old rule to allow regligious headwear in the House, to welcome the 2 newly elected muslim women. So the ignorant are actually elected to our government. And we don’t have to look to the murky to find these custom changes. These are the things that make us shake our heads.

It takes hours to pour over the news, digest, analyze and come out with truth. You-tube has become a cesspool for anyone with an opinion and claims to have all knowledge of what’s coming. There may be a few left there with intelligence but it’s a few. I unplugged from that months ago when the sensationalists took over with their never before heard news that we absolutely must view. Hello! There is enough in plain site for us to divulge than to go down a rabbit hole as they so lovingly proclaim. In fact we are living in a rabbit hole. One that we created or allowed to develop because we remained silent. Well, most remained silent. I guess I’m just fed up with watching those around me fall head first into this dark murkiness, without even checking the smallest fact. And then are frustrated with me because I refuse to acknowledge their new found truth.

We will strive to avoid the sensational, however now it’s very hard as our daily news is sensational to say the least. What used to be labeled as conspiracy is now fact. This is obvious without going into the darkness to create new.

Unplug from the unhinged and support and follow those who give commentary on the real not the perceived.

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  1. Well stated! Yes and Amen!! Thank you for your posts. Right on… and Write on!! God Bless

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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