Deadly Terrorist Attacks On Christians And Other Headlines That Should Concern Us

In Egypt 2 buses carrying Christians were attacked today by terrorists.    One bus escaped injury but the Terrorists opened fire on the 2nd bus killing 7.  The injured were taken to area hospitals.
Coptic Christians are increasingly coming under attack by islamists and the West is silent.  World Watch Monitor and other watchdogs are reporting this but MSM is silent. 

Screenshot World Watch Monitor Facebook

Several reports, one from World Watch Monitor are saying that Pakistan is largely paralyzed by islamists forming lynch mobs demanding the death of Asia Bibi.  She was released from prison last week and her blaspheme conviction overturned.  All Christians in Pakistan are in danger.  Christian persecution in Pakistan is increasing also at alarming rates and again silence from the West.

Screenshot World Watch Monitor facebook

A third caravan of illegals have entered Mexico today, as President Trump sends more troops to our border.  He says violence of any kind will not be tolerated from these caravans.

A geyser in California is moving much like a liquification and is now threatening public areas like a railway.  Scientists are concerned about possible earthquakes while media downplays it.

The Iranian people are literally held hostage by the current regime, while sanctions cripple the economy.  Iranians want peace, they want to feed their families and have a roof over their head, they want feedom.  Western nations and the UN refuse to address the root cause, the terroristic regime.  One liberal MSM outlet reports its the United States fault stating that by reinstating crippling sanctions they hope that will cause the people to rise up and fight.  I don’t know,  I only know that the Iranian people need help and they need our prayers.  I do know that MSM is twisting facts and refuse to state the facts.  The terrorists are the regime not the people.

So much tribulation in the world, so much deception, so much persecution.  Pray.

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