Christian Conservatives-America Needs Your Vote

Today I voted early.  I thought if I waited until one of the last days of early voting the lines wouldn’t be so long.  That was a false belief.  The line was terrible.  The mood was somber and determined.  The look on everyone’s face was grave and concerned.  I have never seen that look while voting.  Everyone knows something is very wrong and dark.

When politicians on the left, liberals and democrats can threaten us with threats of violence or blood in the streets if they don’t win, something is very dark.  

I for one will not be intimidated or threatened.  I won’t be intimidated with fake bombs.  Not when democrats like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and their mobs are threatening violence if we dont vote for them.

I know some Christians believe we aren’t to become involved in politics or some even think we shouldnt vote.  This is not Biblical.  It’s not.

In fact one of the reasons our country is in tatters is because Christians didnt speak out.

Our land is in danger, we are in danger if the new world order push by the left, progressive democrats and their mobs of socialist/communists win.  Antifa is meant to place fear in hearts with their black mask covered faces and violent mobs.  Dont be intimidated.

We live in one of the freest Countries in the world.  The woman ahead of me in line put her ballot in the counting machine and she said what hit hard.  She said”look Ive voted and didnt have to dye my finger purple or be afraid that I would be shot for it, or beheaded!”  Her statement hit me hard.  Our voices at the ballot shouts volumes not only here but across the world.  Dont take this freedom lightly.  Or be intimidated.

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 “Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you.”

God is waiting for His people to turn from wickedness and repent and He will heal our land.

For too long now we have remained silent while Christians are persecuted like the baker in Colorado.  For too long now we have been silent about the cruel sacrifices of the unborn.  Millions of unborn are calling out to God.  For too long we have remained silent about Gods marriage plans, about Gods gender dedign being ripped apart.  For too long we have remained silent.  Soon we will see Gods judgement because if we dont vote our conscience He will turn us over to tbe wickedness of man.


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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