“Woe To Those Who Plan Iniquity And Plot Evil In Their Beds”

Mondays with Julia and CJ

As we agonized over recent events, and the demonic episodes shown in our society, our studies took us to Micah chapter 2, and Gods judgements. 

Why go to Micah chapter 2? Micah chapter 2 describes the sins of Gods people that have brought Him to anger and wrath. We see these same sins today. The hatred, the wickedness of those who plot evil laying in their beds at night instead of praying they plot wicked attacks. The shaming of the prophets and men of God. Our government today on the left is telling our pastors and those who read from the prophets what to say and what not to say. If you dont believe it read about the coveted 501 3C for churches.
We see this in churches today preaching there is no penalty for sin, only blessings, we see churches promoting sin, we see churches silencing the voice of those who do dare to call out sin. Some even announcong from the pulpits that the Old Testament of the prophets is irrelevant, or there is no hell.

Matthew Henry has a commentary on this chapter, you can read it here. But this portion shows what we see today on our churches and in our governments of the world:
 …..Let not those prophesy that tell us of our faults, and threaten us, but let those prophesy that will flatter us in our sins, and cry peace to us. They will not say that they will have no ministers at all, but they will have such as will say just what they would have them and go their way. This they are charged with (v. 11), that when they silenced and frowned upon the true prophets they countenanced and encouraged pretenders, and set them up, and made an interest for them, to confront God’s faithful prophets: If a man walk in the spirit of falsehood, pretend to have the Spirit of God, while really it is a spirit of error, a spirit of delusion, and he himself knows that he has no commission, no instruction, from God, …….
such a prophet as this is a man after their own heart, who will tell them that there is neither sin nor danger in the wicked course of life they lead: He shall even be the prophet of this people; such a man they would have to be their prophet, that will not only associate with them in their rioting and revellings, but will pretend to consecrate their sensualities by his prophecies and so harden them in their security and sensuality. “

And he also says this which is the absolute truth backed by scripture, and should be a wake up call for all the false and liberal sheperds today:

“Persecuting God’s prophets, suppressing and silencing them, is a sin that provokes God as much as anything, for it not only spits in the face of his authority over us, but spurns at the bowels of his mercy to us; for his sending prophets to us is a sure and valuable token of his goodwill. “

Judgement day is coming fast.  What we choose in the coming days will seal our fate.

We are taught of the love of God and His goodness and are left to think Be never hates anything.  This would make Him unfair to leave evil and wickedness unpunished.  In fact the entire book of Revelation could not have been written of His wrath and judgement.

God of course wants none of us to perish but to repent and return unto Him.  Proverbs teaches us of seven things He hates, and Phillipians teaches us of the good and just things we should be in remembrance of to stay in the narrow path which leads to eternal life.  It is our chouce!  (Proverbs 6:16-19 and Phillipians 4:8)

Credit to Bible Study Tools

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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