If I’ve Had Enough, What Is God Thinking?

Senate Gavel

I’ve had enough. It’s impossible to read or watch the news without the bizarre rants of the media on “Breaking News” or “New information and accusations” with Justice Kavanaugh. Like he threw Ice, or his drinking in the 80’s was worse, or new women like the friend who he was dating and shoved against a wall. By the way the latter too was denied by the woman who the accusation was about. Even one media rep said his drinking in the 80’s should cancel his chances. I’ve had enough. Even the FBI investigation is a joke.
Throughout this whole demonic process it show’s one thing clear. All those who claim judge ye not are now judging. Yes I did just walk into the dark hole of the judge ye not crowd. If ever there was a clear case for this teaching it’s now with Kavanaugh. These pathetic rantings and accusations are what Christ warned about when warning not to judge unless you want to be judged by the same standards. Unrighteous judgement has come into full view. And the accuser is hot and heavy at work. While watching the circus, I saw the circle of men gathered to stone a woman and Jesus making one simple statement, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Take a look at the accusers. Every one of them have a closet with skeletons lurking. Every one of them have sinned. Every one of them all calling for Kavanaugh to be stoned. It’s frightening. It’s no different than the campaign against Trump. So you have evidence of possible wrong doing. Investigate before you judge, or make a public spectacle out of the law. Investigate before public execution.
All rights embedded in our Constitution and Biblical beliefs have been shredded and attacked. There’s a reason the Bible is so explicit about needing witnesses, and why God is strong on false witness, or lying. There’s a reason Paul teaches us to rid ourselves of all bitterness, hatred and rage. There’s a reason God say’s vengeance is His and His alone. There’s a reason that the accuser is whipping women into a frenzy. There’s a reason the accuser is telling women that their right to abort is threatened. There’s a reason why the accuser is whispering that all white men should be castrated. Hello?! Can’t you see what is transpiring?
Can’t you see what’s happening with the haters, like the female talk show hosts? Vitriol, only vitriol spewing from their mouths. Not one has said, let’s take a breath and look at the facts.
With the new standard of accusing and judging, everyone one in America should be gravely concerned.

This same holier than though, crowd has gone to whole new levels. They have even taken the prayer of Kavanaugh’s 10 yo daughter and turned it into a cartoon mocking God, prayer and a child. God have mercy.
Using the same standard of judgement the democrats are using there would be no one not one capable of performing trash detail in the senate or the house let alone leading our country. Not one! So have at it judge ye not crowd because there is one higher than the FBI or even you, one higher than your father of lies and He is taking notes. And when His gavel sounds judgement there will be no other opinions  His word is final.  And if the church doesn’t find its voice, well, I fear for them too. Because its true, silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

God has something to say about having enough.  Read Micah 2

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  1. Yes! and Amen!! I agree with you 100%! I have complete faith that God is in control and that His Will Shall Be Done! The democrats’ true colors are being exposed more and more daily. They’re acting in total desperation. They have no shame. God is our “only hope”.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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