Demons At Work-Can You See It?

Demonic forces are rampant in our streets, our communities, our governments and in the world. Even in our personal lives. The most recent example of underhanded, dark demonic forces acting is the circus associated with a appointment to the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has had his name, his reputation and his family destroyed over unsubstantiated allegations. He testified yesterday and said something that will stick with me for quite a while. He spoke of his mother who was a prosecuting attorney and said she always ended her closing argument by telling the jury to “use your common sense, what rings true, and what rings false” This is great advice for us all, but I have to add and use the power given us by the Holy Spirit, our discernment. Would you believe something told you about your child if the person alleging could not produce a location or their witnesses denied said allegations?There are many unasked and unanswered questions with this. Such as the drug company Christine Blasey Ford works for profits from abortion inducing drugs and much more. If you look at the website of the drug company,  her name is associated with many studies using mind altering drugs. One such drug alters the corticosteroids in the brain producing alterations of memory. Imagine that.


One thing is for sure, there is enough reports to suggest that her memory of events she describes is questionable. That is better phrased…just what has been fabricated and what has been clouded with drugs. Yes it borders on conspiracy but nothing about this is reality. Unless you look at the reality of why this whole debaucle happened in the first place.

Remove the conspiracy theory and you still have nothing but the dark and demonic. And we’re even able to identify the dark demonic spirit that is at work. And that is the spirit of BAAL.

A little history of the BAAL’S according to the Jewish Virtual Library:

“Biblical narrative incorporates tales of BAAL worship into the traditions of the wilderness wandering, thus tracing BAAL worship to the earliest period of Israel’s existence. At Shittim, the attached themselves to Baal-Peor, ate sacrifices for the dead, and indulged in sacred sexual orgies (Numbers 25:1-11). Life in a land dependent on rainfall enhanced the appeal of the Baal cult and it’s pervasive influence persisted through the centureis as the unrelenting protests of the prophets and the sporadic efforts at reform attest. Horrendous and repulsive aspects of the worship-sexual excesses and perversions perhaps including copulation with animals such as Baal himself performed in the Ugaritic myth…….”

There is no doubt that demonic forces are at work in our country and our world. The #metoo movement and all the protests by women and planned parenthood over the last few years have shown and proven that. Sexual accusations, sexual preferences, gay marriage, and abortion that is rampant, are just a few examples.

This whole rampage to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation came about because of the threat that he would rule against abortion or overturn RoeVWade. That’s a fact. Judge kavanaugh sided with a group called Priests for Life, where he said they had a right to refuse contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs because of religious convictions. A campaign of scorched earth was launched because of the chance that someone would have to pay for these drugs or they wouldnt be allowed to kill an unborn child. Women everywhere launched protests and campaigns to believe all women hailing accusations whether or not the facts backed their claims. Local news reported that 59 women were arrested near the Supreme Court as thousands nationwide rally against the Kavanaugh nomination. The protestors were blocking a street in order to make a statement. They rallied across the country in solidarity with university professor Christine Blasey Ford. They were arrested for unlawful demonstration activities and crossing a police line. They wanted to send a message to lawmakers that if they confirmed Kavanaugh “we will not forget when it comes to midterms and beyond.”  It resembled a scene from the movie The Stepford Wives, peppered with violence. According to news reports Her supporters screamed “women don’t lie.” Imagine that. Women are saints and dont lie. Hmmm… Another report by the atlantic reports that Tuesday a group of pro-choice activists held a vigil for abortion rights outside, where a handful of protesters dressed up in the red robes and white bonnets described in The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian novel about a future America in which the government forces women to have sex and bear children against their will. And they had the blessing and backing of Democratic senators. It also reported that Kirsten Gillibrand along with Planned Parenthood said that “if this extreme judge is confirmed by the Senate, the Supreme Court would take away and criminalize women’s reproductive freedom.”

Democrats and pro-choice abortionists cant afford to have a pro-life judge on the Supreme Court, as he would be the deciding vote. So they set out to delay the proceedings, armed with darkness. This chaos, darkness and shredding of moral beliefs is prophecied. Our Government and sovereignty and rights are being shredded before our eyes. Due process is now a thing of the past. Accusations mean your guilty period. Our Constitutional protections have been shredded. This is not hyperbole, it’s a fact.

I am proud to see Judge Kavanaugh defend himself, I’m proud to see Senator Lindsey Graham come out as strong as he did against the darkness overtaking our government.

I do need to redirect for a moment, as I use this example as a more recent event. For years America’s sins have been piling to the heavens. Sexual sin is rampant, the same as in Ancient Rome. Jay Sekulow recently posted that more than 28 million unborn lives have been prematurely ended this year alone! Let that sink in.

More same sex marriages, more abortions, less marriages, less natural births. I am not downgrading sexual abuse or any type of abuse, but take it to a court of law, not a court of social media, or public squares. Some of this degrading behavior is simply to cause chaos and destruction.

Its time to turn down the music and turn up the voice of the church.

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  1. Gather facts. What has Judge K. history of alcohol use been?


  2. Well written! This whole ordeal is so demented it’s scarey.


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