The American’s for Internet and Social Media Fair Use Act

By Greg Holt

The American Left’s deep passion for not only misconstruing news, but reporting outright falsehood has gone completely off the rails. Even an Internet server provider (Microsoft Azure) threatened to shut down Gab, a social media platform because Microsoft took exception to two posts on Gab. Social Media Censoring is at an all-time high and getting worse by the day.

It then occurred to this author – why not write a “law” addressing these concerns to get people thinking, hopefully. The following is the result of my deliberations.

The Olive legal affairs desk

(a) Scope:

(1) In General These rules will govern the use of the Internet and all social media platforms.

(2) Internet Service Providers No Internet service provider (ISP) will infringe upon the right of any American citizen to publish, post, or display content in any format.

(3) Internet Content Providers Internet content providers (ICP) may provide whatever content the provider deems necessary on and within their specific platform without fear of censorship or retribution of any kind. ICPs may also choose what content they will not make available.

(4) Social Media Platforms No social media platform will participate in censorship activities of any kind.

(5) Censorship No form of censorship concerning any and all use of public Internet and social media platforms will be allowed.

(6) Individual Entities Individuals may block any other account within the particular social media site.

(7) Exceptions All rules are in full force and effect with the noted exceptions listed below

(8) Legal Penalties Are as defined below

(b) Definitions:

(1) “Internet” means: any and all websites of any kind, content, context, political affiliation, religious affiliation, intended use, structure, fee free or pay wall sites, private sites, and/or any other type of possible Internet website.

(2) “Internet Service Provider” means: Any and all companies and individuals that provide the Internet to another person or persons.

(a) This rule includes all companies regardless of size, as well as all individuals who provide Internet service to another – regardless of customer count for each respectively.

(b) This rule is also in full force and effect for and including all entities who: provide Internet service at a reduced rate or provide said service for free.

(3) “Internet Content Providers” means: Any and all websites public and private that provide “content” to the public and/or private individuals.

(a) This rule applies to all content providers regardless of format used.

(b) This rule applies to any form of content, utilizing any expressed or implied opinion, without regard to political, sexual, or religious affiliation.

(c) This rule applies to all ethnicities, races, and genders.

(4) “Social Media Platforms” means: any and all companies and/or individuals engaged in the business of assisting Internet companies, businesses, or individuals in “sharing” posts, articles, videos, or any other Internet information or communications.

(a) This rule includes all Internet information in any and all forms and formats whether posted publically or privately.

(b) Social media sites will not allow shadow banning, banning for reasons of political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation, or banning because the site’s owners and/or managers disagree with the customer’s opinion(s).

(c) Social media sites will not endeavor to divert traffic from any account by any means, or to hide any account for any reason.

(5) “Censorship” The forced removal, banning of, or hiding of information or opinion by Social Media sites and other public providers.

(a) All Social Media Platforms must allow content from any and all content providers to be posted on their Internet sites without change to said content.

(b) This rule also applies to other public providers: web server hosts, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), data centers, and any and all other entities that are part of the Internet infrastructure.

(c) This rules does not apply to public news services as public news services are considered to be and classed as Internet Content Providers.

(6) “Individual Entities” means: Individuals, groups owning a singular account, or a single account representing a particular business.

(a) These entities may at their discretion ban, block, or mute another entity on a particular social media site that said entity is a member of.

(7) “Exceptions” are defined as the following:

(a) The “American’s for Internet and Social Media Fair Use Act” will apply only to legal U.S. citizens.

(1) The “American’s for Internet and Social Media Fair Use Act” will also apply to any foreign entity owning or being a partial owner of, or having a financial interest in any Social Media Platform or Internet Infrastructure type company.

(b) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms may ban, or remove known terrorist or terrorist linked and/or supporting accounts.

(c) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms may ban or remove any account known to be participating in human trafficking of any kind.

(d) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms may ban or remove accounts involved in conveying threats of bodily harm, murder, revenge porn, and any and all criminal conduct, whether said conduct is implied, or actual.

(e) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms are required to keep a record of these accounts as well as keeping said accounts intact for proof of infraction(s) as well as for official law enforcement use.

(8) “Legal Penalties” are defined as the following:

(a) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms can be fined from five thousand dollars up to five million dollars per offense to be determined by the authority having jurisdiction.

(b) All ISPs, ICPs, and Social Media Platforms may face fines and/or up to ten years in prison for convicted offenses.

(c) Upon the third offense committed by an ISP, ICP, or Social Media Platform, the offending ISP will be permanently shut down or sold, the ICP will be banned from the Internet for a period not to exceed ten years, and the Social Media Platform will be permanently shut down or sold to another entity.

(d) Any ISP or Social Media Platform that is sold must be sold to an entity or entities that have no prior personal or professional relationship with said entity that is being sold. Entity will be sold at fair market value.

(e) The offending ISP or Social Media Platform entity being sold forfeits any and all profits from the sale of said particular entity due to legal offense. Said profits from sale of entity will immediately be transferred to the Fund for Prevention of Child Trafficking.


Since 2013, Christian news magazine The Olive Branch Report has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt. His writing has been featured on American Prophet, American Clarion, Eagle Rising, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media, Rev. Austin Miles, and others. Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs.

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