We Can Not Remain Silent About Abortion Any Longer

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Remember Michelle Wolf? The vile comediene whose hate filled rant at the White House Correspondents dinner disgusted even those on the left? Well shes at it again. Just when you thought she or the left couldnt stoop lower, they went below pond scum. Yes I can, group them together because they stand behind her vile, disgusting comments. And shes still out there making satan proud.

Her latest dispicable act was promoting abortion as every womans right and duty. Even suggesting abortion be placed on the dollar menu at Mcdonalds. And thats the mild comment.  She said if your anti-abortion, your anti woman.

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She said anti-abortionists should be concerned about healthcare and childcare.  Whaaat?? Another oxymoron.  With abortion there’s no need for childcare.

She said we aren’t concerned about those things and of course said we should be concerned about gun control, education and the environment.  The left is to blame for the poor excuse of public schools.  I dont have enough room to go into common core.  But most know what that turned out like.  Even the no child left behind left many behind.

Back to MS Wolf.  Her repulsive,distasteful rant about body parts and Abortion even asked God for His blessing on abortion and an adulterous generation who believes murdering a child in the womb is their God given right.  But they know not which god they are worshipping, or maybe they do.

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Speak out Church and Body of Christ, we can no longer remain silent!  Abortion is murder.  These vile attacks on public TV with children watching have to stop.  One of the best oxymorons I’ve seen to date,  is Chelsea Clinton proclaiming her poor grandmother didn’t have access to abortion as we do.  My God think about that for a minute and the implications of that moronic statement.  I’m not harsh, I’m only tired of silent Christians refusing to call this what it is.  

Even Bill O’reilly is tweeting about this.

Like it or not silence is complicitness.  Deny Him now and you will be denied before the Father.  We have been warned!


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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