“Isle Of Hope”

As America celebrates Independence, lets remember something a bit different.  We all know our Flag and Country stands for Freedom and Morality, we all know the history of wars fought for this, even our own Civil War.  But take a minute to think about who made our Country great, and what we stand for.  And stand with us to pray for our Country, the leaders and those who seek sanctuary here in the land of the free, and for those brave men and women serving our Country and yes those on our borders defending and sorting out those who want freedom and those who want to harm pur people.  They need our prayers.

Food for thought:

Researching the history of immigrants to our great land this era of Ellis Island and 17 million people coming legally and their journey touched me.  Ellis Island has a past that the left wants to forget.  But once you read about it, you’ll never be the same.  To enter they had to have money, and were screened for disabilities both physical and mental, and eugenicists did the screening.  Yet they came, and they made it!  Something the left needs to remember.  But one thing about the isle of hope and tears on our southern border that recently touched my heart was a statement by an immigrant.  Not the pitiful attempts by the left to exploit children, but one said : “I just kept walking until I saw the flag of the United States.”  It touched me because they cared more about our flag than some Americans, they understood that our flag represents freedom!  Unite Americans on our Independance day and remember our flag and country stands for freedom!

May God Bless America and bring an awakening of Gods Spirit to our Land and a return to Him.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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